About me


I am RZ.

This is me sharing what i have thought,

what i have learned, what i have created

and who i have become.

Feel free to check what i posted here.

I do not oblige you to read and look at my page;

however, i would really appreciate if you spare some of your time in doing so.

You may start by clicking the menu on the upper right!!

Have fun!



DISCLAIMER: Due to my odd schedule, i sometimes (most of the times) choose to do other matters rather than proofread my write ups. Forgive me for that. These thoughts are just being spontaneously fired by my neurons. I have a thing with the “Do it  now!” statement and I thought of writing it down asap.

 In such sense, it is for me to admit and to warn that you may see some errors (may it be typographical, grammatical,etc) in my posts. I believe that the contents and points i have stated in my posts, although not perfectly written, will be easily understood by humans who are wise enough to dwell on the substance of the matter rather than the mistakes.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy my sharing.:*

You can also follow my instagram: azeer_burgerrr


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