“TAKE 5: simple things that you did not think are really helpful”

thou shall not underestimate the power of these 5 simple things….

Last month,we were tasked to do a little presentation in which we are encouraged to speak about anything under the sun in front of everyone. i have always wanted to share and this is a right time. I only had a few minutes to prepare about my speech so i just extracted some of the basic helpful things we often take for granted .Most of these are from the books i have read.So if you want to know,my presentation title is…

“TAKE 5: simple things that you did not think are really helpful”

1.drink more water or bring water

Aside from the usual benefits of its health promotion and prevention of diseases such as prevents kidney problems and maintains homeostasis that we generally know,there are still many things you will find it beneficial for you. More often than not, when we think we are hungry ,we instantly grab food. Doings so will actually increase your food consumption when in reality you are just thirsty. So after you have quenched your thirst, you will feel that you are already energized. Sometimes, it is just you body’s way of reacting that you are already dehydrated. it saved you from the extra calories of food, plus water itself has no calories.

Drinking water early in the morning increases your metabolism. To get a jumpstart in the morning,chug upon arising. Warm water will also help you drink more than cold since it is appealing to the body temperature.

Bring water with you so you are sure that it is safe from contamination.It was known that tap water poisonous chlorine and chlorine by products.chlorine scars your arteries. Additionally, You spend less by opting not to buy bottled water which cost maybe 20-50php. It does not only help you save your money,it also helps lessen the usage of the plastic for a cleaner environment.

2.Laugh more,smile always

By just manipulating the muscles of your face and posture, your mood will change. These activities has a direct effect in your body. In a PET scan study, it was shown that the areas of the brain highlighted during a fake laughter and a genuine laughter are the same. a Even though you are not in a good mood, chances are you will feel energized as the physiologic effect kicks in caused by endorphins also increases heart rate.And who knows if you might get six packed abs since it also exercises your abdominal muscles.that is why you feel a little sore after you laugh so hard like LOL or ROFL or LMAO

3.Own a pet- aside from the companionship the pet may give, it will also be an outlet or a friend in which you can release your emotion without being judgmental. may it be a dog,cat,bird or a tiger, research indicates having pets leads to longer life.Because they give unconditional love,and the process of being love amd giving love strenghtens immune system and reduces stress.

4. Get and give hugs-human contacts are necesary.babies who are given complete nutrition but receive no physical contact grow less and cry more,and acquire diseases and illnesess. It does not only make ourselves feel lighter and refreshed.our immune systems are strengthened when we physically hug another human being. So why not find someone to hug daily?or how about hugging more every day?

5.Speak powerful words.Studies show that those average people who have unrealistic perceptions of themselves are less likely to become depressed than the others who are being realistic.What do we get out of this?t is a matter of perspective of your self. Never doubt and underestimate your capabilities. Sometimes you just need to believe even though you know that you are exaggerating your own positive qualities, so there self illusions are good for you. Furthermore, it is proven that self illusions are not just comforting ,they also improve performance and memory.You will realize that through faking it you are actually making it in a long run.the healthiest and happiest people are those who have unrealistic views of themselves