By dropping at this page I guess, you are interested to be one or you just want to have an idea how it goes.Well, what i am goin to share here is how i have undergone the whole process. i did not pay any agency to do this for me.however, I was helped by my friends,mentor, review center and my family. sonI hope this would help you too.:))

I am a nurse in the Philippines.

 I have garnered the bachelor of science degree  and passed the local board exam or the philippine licensure exam in 2013. They (as in people) said it is better for a fresh grad like me to continue to study for the NCLEX because my mind is still fresh with all the nursing concepts. A year and months after that, i bravely took the NCLEX or the nursing council licensure examination for the state of Colorado.It took me that period of time because of the processing of papers plus the problems with the website that i encountered which i think depends on the state(well, this are things that may be out of your control.So this is like saying we must be ready to expect delays because ,you know, things happen for a purpose) i did not go to NEAC anymore because i think i’ll be saving more since they are asking service fees(of course, you have to pay for their service so that they will take all the hassle of communication,application and research from you)

Actually, there are 4 steps(based on my experience).

1.the first one is the credentials evaluation or verification through CGFNS in which i had to pay $485. the application was done online and there were ,i think, 14 steps to accomplish. Make sure you have a good online connection so it will not take a long time and hassle during the payment process. ( If you are on the last step and the connection had been lost, you wouldn’t be sure if your transaction has been completed.  the tendency is you might reenter your credit card details and be credited twice)So after the pagyment,there are downloadable forms that your school and the licensing office -which is PRC in our case-  to accomplish.  these forms must be sent to CGFNS office in Philadelphia. In PRC, they. will ask you if you want to send it through snail mail. and the other hand is the express mail through Dhl. which is 1.5k somethinng during my time.(nov 2013). you should also know which state you are going to apply since they will be endorsing your papers to their BON or board of nursing.I chose colorado because they do not require ssn. My relatives are in New jersey but since it is within the compact states of colorado(and other states) i no longer needed to apply license for reciprocity that others do.

Also, if i may advise you, never miss to check your spam folder because that is basically your means of communication with CGFNS. Just like in my case, i had waited for several months after my first step i did check my email several times. december,january, february,march april had come by and there was no email from them that i received. i checked cgfns, and  saw that they sent me an email dated on february. little did i know it was in my spam folder.  So, it caused the delay for me to send my lacking requirements

if you are not in a rush, i think it is okay to send. it through the snail mail because it. issd cheaper.in colorado,  the applicants are required to pass the ielts with overall band score of 7 with. the speaking subtest grade of 7. the british council already sent my test results form to CGFNS.(june2014)(

2. Second step is when you have to pay for the BON.That is if your requirements-BSNdegree,nursing subject units, nursing duty hours,english exam(ielts or toefl,depends on the requirement. of the state) etc -have successfully passed the evaluation of CGFNS .

As far as i remember, i paid $88 . i paid it through PNB bank draft (august2014). i was informed  that i should do a paper application rather than online application because i do not have ssn.i had a lot of issues with my application to DORA or the Department of Regulatory Agencies.Luckily, with constant communication through email and overseas calls, i think thew process is quite  fast.Sometimes,you really have to keep in touch with this people cause,mind you, they are also processing numbers of applicants.So following up is required.With that, i had to pay using a bankdraft and not through credit card.They required me to complete a health profile. this is done online because they are now paperless, Because i do not have SSN,as mentioned earlier, i also sent them an SSN affidavit.i sent my documents to colorado through philpost, and they receive it. So if your question is if your documents will be really sent there, then it is yes. it costs 900 something. Also, they said i had to register to pearson vue before they give me the ATT.(sept2014).upon registering you have to pay$200. 

3.the third step is eligiblity.Upon accomplishment of their review of BOard of nursing of your requirements, they will make you eligble to take the test. i received my eligibility to take the exam on sept 18 2014.And within hours, i received my ATT. the att is from BON.

“Registration Time Limit

Your NCLEX examination registration will remain open for a 365-day time period during which a board of nursing may determine your eligibility. The time period begins when the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB) receives your registration from the test service. Once you are made eligible, you will receive your Authorization to Test (ATT). The 365-day time period will end at this point and you must take your examination within the validity dates designated on your ATT.”

4. fourth step is the scheduling of your exam to. pearson vue. wellthis is it.. You might feel the nervousness. you can schedule through their website,so you will use credit card.you can also call them .the scheduling fee is $150.the exam center here in manila is in trident tower makati along gil puyat ave. it is actually easy to go there. it is right in front of BIR makati or feu makati. this is near RCBC building.i took my exam on october30.

to end this, i just want to remind you that this about my experience during the nclex application in the state of colorado. you may have a different processes duration and requirements depending on the state your applying to. Anyway, the major steps-cgfns credential evaluation, BON eligibility,att,scheduling -are pretty much the same.As for me, the steps have been overlapping. Wish you all the best.God bless.



dated:November 2014


Caramoan adventure

   While it is Memorial Day in America, its was a holi-weekened for our team. So, we decided to create memories for that holi-weekend and traveled to Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur and we had a blast! It was so worth it.I am with ate corie, The two of us were the only peeps who were able to go in our group, but we managed make some new friends with my office mates on the floor. So just to share the experience,i wrote this. 

We had a day travel.We left philtranco pasay terminal at about 730am.(This might sound negative. Imagine the airconditioning system trying to compensate with the scorching heat outside the vehicle.But yes, it adds to the experience ) Supposedly, the travel time should only last for 10 hours but due to some unexpected delays caused by the bus wreckage, it took us another 2 hours. Although we were very dismayed by this event, we were equally thankful that no accident occurred on that trip. Good thing though the bus was fixed and we were able to continue our journey. We arrived at naga station at around 930pm. 


We stayed in a traveller’s inn named jomckayl.they also have a restaurant which has the same name. The rooms are small but i think there is enough space to rest there. (If you want to travel and you have a tight budget, i suggest that you find a place where there is a neat bed, clean bathroom and with good security locks)I like the color of their bed covers.It is so artsy. I wished i brought it home. i think what they lack there is that they have to provide tissue paper, maybe 2 sachet of shampoos. It’s a comfy place to stay.we ate at a nearby restaurant,triboo grille,which i think is famous.the place is nice and the whole concept is really cool.you can eat in a treehouse or below it.(i do not have a picture of that)we were 18 so we had to find a space enough for our seafood-island like entrée.

 It is very ideal to spare a day for the whole day so that you can have a restful sleep at night and an energized body for the next day adventure.

 The next morning(that was sunday),we left the inn at 530.the van’s driver was so fast that we were able to reach sabang port just in time the dark and the light exchange in the wide calm sky.


     The shore has brown sand.Seeing a stretch of sand makes me more excited.it is like the beach invites me.BUT,I guess the locals here should focus on maintaining the cleanliness of this stretch of land.it was awful to see clutter and dog poop everywhere saying good morning to you. Ugh!my excitement turned to disgust. I mean,come on, it is a beautiful place.it is a tourist destination.please local officials dwell on this matter.

So enough about that.One interesting invention there that i really really find cool is there “manual elevator”.. That’s what they call it. It does not elevate you.Men will push this thing manually against the water to bridge you from the shore up to the boat.for their effort you have to pay 10php per head. their boat is quite huge that it can carry 92 passengers. Too bad they dont have a door and the only way you cab get it is to squeeze yourself through the windows. It is fun.but i do not recommend this to people who have back or skeletal problem or to those who are maarte.
The boat ride took us almost 2 hours to reach caramoan feeder port.


From there,we rode a tricycle as we go to our accomodation in caramoan which is included in our package we availed from seascrapers. 

 I really recommend this place and their package tour. Our contact person is kuya mike,though i was not able to meet him personally.They said he was nice.Their tour guide,kuya joseph,is also good. Out room is so spacious. We have 2 queen-sized beds and 1 sofa bed.They have wifi and tv.the place is clean.One thing i also like is that they are right in front of their municipal hall.

       it is also near the souvenir  shops.

i also like the food they served for lunch which we ate in one of the islands. i do not eat laing but they made me eat laing because it is so masarap. They also served as adobo and tuna and pili nut candies. Oh so yummy. For dinner, they served this big steamed fish “maya maya”.They said you can buy that directly from the fisherman. they also served adobong pusit,chicken curry.

they do not have ice though.The town experiences rotational brownouts at day. the next morning, we were served with longganisa m.egg and
tinapa.so so yummy!

 (most exciting part)

 We were fortunate enough to find this package tour from Caramoan Seascapers Travel and Tours . It costs 2200 per person.they have their own sample tour itinerary but you can modify it depending on your time and interests.So here is what happened to ours.
We arrived at Guijalo (Caramoan Feeder Port) at about 9 am;rode a trike up to our Accommodation.We ate breakfast at “lutong bahay sa tawog” then rode a trike again to Barangay Bikal where our private boats were waiting for us.  

      We arrived on the first destination,the lahos Island.according to kuya joseph,it is named that way because it connects the waters of catanduanes and caramoan.it is really cool to know that you can easily enjoy two places at the same time.Moreover, i was really amazed by its warm clear water and pristine beach.i fell in love with limestone formations.

     Of course,first thing to do is to taake as much pictures.selfies and groupies everywhere. The view is really breathtaking. 

 The other island is called matukaD.This provided me the best adventure because we didnt know we had to rock climb a part of that island. It is more of buwis buhay for me. i do not want to have my legs get wounded but we cared less if we were not wearing leggings because we are suckers for adventure. Our fright in our heart did not vanished as we try to climb wirhout any harness or gears.when we reach the top, we saw the amazing view of the island and the green lagoon.That time i could realky say i never regretted anything. i thanked God for the beautiful creation.i was left with so much awe that i wish everyone can appreciate this beauty.


 I am so delighted that i really had to take a lot of pictures. After we had safely went down from that certain peak, we got hungry and we ate the meal they served. 

 We also went to other islands.i forgot their names but they said our tour covers these:Matukad Island, Lahos Island, Tayak Beach, Cagbalinad Beach, Bosdak Island and Minalahos Island.
At 4 pm,our tour ended.

       There is one island where we can snorkel. I was not able to do that because i do not have my goggles with me and i am wearing my contact lenses.

Another island we visited has gray but powdered sand. It has good beach but i think i loved the previous island beaches.My friend was also stung by a jellyfish here. good thing nothing really serious happened. she said it was painful as if she was slapped by a lasso.she also got reddish macular rashes though.Even with such inevitable terrible event, we were not hindered from our pursuit to enjoy that moment. We swam, laughed,as in laughed hard, shared stories and swam our way to each others ticklish funny spots in our soul. I can say that i definitely enjoyed the company even if it is the first time i spent time with these people.

We rode trike back to our accommodation, took a bath, ate dinner and bought souvenirs near the area. as much as i wanted to sing videoke with them, i could not because the bed is dragging me to stay with it.

Day 2:At 6:30 ,Breakfast was already served . Everyone took their turn in the bathroom. We visited the 17th century old church of St. Michael de Archangel Parish.

       we went back to Guijalo to catch a ferry going toSabang Port. 


The whole time we were in the van,road trippin. I just love how we traversed the sides of the mountain.  




 There are all beautiful views of water and islands but later on i could not help but doze off.hahaha.I could not forget how perfect the sides of the Mayon. I used to see it in my elementary books but now i felt like it is smiling at me however timid because it is hiding behind some clouds.

we also went to cagsawa ruins. It was really that “dyahe” hot but i could not resist posing while my friend, ate corie, taking pictures with mayon and bell tower as the background.Of course, we turn tables.hahaha.I am so happy we went to that place. the place also has many souvenir shops,that us where i have tasted the “sili” ice cream:strawberry and mango flavor. it tastes like The same strawberry and mango ice cream but with a biting twist in your tongue. It feels a little itchy, and it has that chili spice after taste. I do not know if you will agree with me but that’s how i appreciate it.hahaha.



 Thank goodness though we were able to find a good spot where we can see it unhidden.Of course,we took pictures,,yeyyyy!!
 We bought pasalubong in the central bus station.Of course, pili nuts goodies and sili everywhere. That same day we went back home to manila.We rode a super comfy and cold bus with lazyboy seats.Thanks DLTB.Now,we are so Back to reality.Although the travel did not change anything about us;although it took a lot of cash out of our pockets, at least those were exchanged with laughters, stories which we can share to others and above all, the appreciation of beauty of God’s creation.

.I wish you can see it too. 
 thanks for reading,guys.

thanks to the tropang entry and the organizers, eds and ms.Tin(Thank God,you are okay after the jellyfish had stung you)
 If you wish to know more about the inclusions of the package., reach them through these details. 

09274213922 (Globe).
09399047960 (Smart). 

 Lourdes Borebor/ Mike Borebor
Owner/Tour Operator

 Caramoan Seascapers Travel and Tours
76 Real Street, Tawog, Caramoan
Camarines Sur

This their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/caramoan.seascapers


RaNts of an RN



They say there are too many nurses in the Philippines. Let me speak as one of the them,although i am not saying these on their behalf. Let me just give you ideas or something you can relate to when it comes to Nursing in the Phil. I may have not experienced working to all hospitals but i think it is enough for me to hear the stories and the experience that i have been through to deduced these.

I can say that there are many available jobs for nurses because nurses’ knowledge, skills and attitude encompass all kinds of field. So whatever field the nurse is, they are of the same breed. In the nursing schools, it seems as if that all good human qualities are injected right into their heart.image

Now, the predicament is that they say there is surplus of nurses here despite the fact that the hospitals are “understaffed”. What is behind this great irony? There is higher demand for nurses but they do not hire them as staffs.They just get the benefit of saving money for themselves. Why is it in healthcare, nurses are not motivated when it comes to compensation to work?Imagine the fact that they are not given the benefits and the salary mandated by the RA 9173 which is SG15 for entry level nurse. Come to think of it,they also have their own family to take care of. they hire less and exhaust theseIMG_8553 health care professionals. The result is certainly understaffing.It is a good thing though that Filipino nurses are very competent and resourceful  so they are able to compensate even though they are presented with numerous patients and heavy workloads.

If you ask who i am referring to when I say “the

y”,i will tell you that “they” represents the local public and private institution whom we offer our services, whom we tolerate to exploit us because we are left with no option but to cooperate.

Another problem is as a graduate,you have to pay for your first professional experience disguised as the “trainings” or whatever it is called,may it be post grad training,skills enhancement training. Why did i say disguised?Because i remember this joke from 9gag saying “you mean I need to get experience before i get experience?”Funny thing though. You also have to undergo series of required trainings such as intravenous therapy to be “IV the rapist”, BLS or ACLS from AHA,etc. If you do not have money, it is like you really have no choice but to earn first and that is the sad truth. YOU.CAN.NOT.MOVE.WITHOUT.MONEY(unless you are lucky)


On the other hand, you may also render care as a volunteer. this will be one of the minor steps after grad and passing the board. Some do not guaranty a position in the nursing service though. But some still remains fair. it just takes time of working really hard, as well as proving that you are qualified for the golden spot.if you continue the work with satisfactory performance,surely you will be hired, not to mention the backer system proving the fact that it is not about what you know but who you know.:)


It is true that there are many work opportunities for nurses because the nursing profession is well rounded. Nurses are just too picky, and we cannot blame them.Most nurses would actually want the hospital or clinical setting to get the experience to get out of the country. You certificate of employment is your real passport. Good thing, there are other agencies who i think allow those who only have certificate of completion,training or volunteeriesm. My tita told me that experience is not required by the hospitals in US. It is just the agency that requires it. You only have to go to their country and look for a job. (On the other hand,however, the confidence that you gain from the legitimate working experience will help you when you set foot to their country.  I am sure that Filipino nurses, if not all, most of them are asset to any institution that will hire them.)  When it comes to travelling (with the sole purpose of travelling),  RN’s end up being denied by the immigration because they assume that they will stay in their country for work.


it is just too sad that Pinoy nurses are not helped by their own government.they are even being held on their foot so they stay here whether they like or not. We cannot help but fall into the trap of the exploitation and we cannot do anything but to cooperate and submit to their flawed laws.the government cannot even implement the SG15 for the basic entry for nurses. they are not regularized or they are still J.O.’s until 5 years.  From the ethical and moral standpoint,We cannot just go out and form a strike since we are too concerned for our patients regardless of how we are treated by them.(including their relatives.)

While it is true that there are nurses who wants to go abroad,it is likewise true that there are ones who intends to work here. In my conversations to many nurses, i have learned there ares till many of them who would rather stay to take care of the filipinos. of course,everyone holds their own principles in life.It is like the feeling is innate that they must be patriotic or nationalistic. We cannot say that it is “cliche” or they are “plastic”. Believe it or not,but it is true. they still exist.there are also those who continually prove that they can also be happy by just working here.

Whenever you see a nurse, it is important that we acknowledge their dedication and passion. They studied a lot and burned themselves with the books to read. upon being a registered nurse, they have not ceased to pour their blood and sweat out. they do not always celebrate holidays just like you do with your family or friends.Respect them for they are professionals.  Be kind to them. Give them some slack. After all, they have dedicated their heart,mind and soul whenever they care for you. 

Hats off to you,our dear Filipino nurses,wherever you are.happy nurses week!


Dated: november2013

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Winner by Crowd’s decision:Manny Pacquiao


First of all, I am a filipino. And I am not a fan of the boxer Pacman.Maybe i am a fan of  Manny Pacquiao’s whole being , not only as a boxer, but also a father, a basketball player, coach, a preacher, a congressman and a singer etc.(I just hope though that he would not run as our president,hahahah..pls). I like how he inspired us in the pursuit of the topmost level of IMG_8505Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:Self actualization. Despite the hardships during his childhood and the imperfections of his Family, he was able to rise up to what he is right now. If he buys something big ,do not take it against him. If he buys expensive bags for his wife or mother,let him.The man deserves it. after all he is a good provider. he  persevered for that.   Because Today, he won a fight.:))   Continue reading