Was there a time that you both craved for a scoop of ice cream and a glassful of milk tea Or a smoothie ?? and you cannot decide which one to buy because you are worried that you are buying a lot and it cost so much? Well, worry no more.Here is Vanilla Milk tea+icecream to satisfy your sweet cravings. It is affordable and it is really delicious.

They only have 2branches.One in malabon and the one we tried here in Dahlia. It is in front of marian medical arts building.


cute and colorful counter


You have many choices here.My favorite is Blueberry,strawberry and passion fruit smoothie:)you can try one too



blueberry smoothie


strawberry smoothie




One of the bakeshops we really like is this one in maginhawa.Maybe you won’t be able to see it rightaway but they really offer wide variety of goodies and cakes that they made and baked.

You get to enjoy guiltless cravings because the baker, who is also the owner of the  bakeshop, controls the amount of sugar and ingredients for you to appreciate the real flavor and not just the sweetness. 


a must-taste ube cake (halaya) .This is by far the most delicious ube cake i’ve tasted.No exaggeration!:)

Additionaly, what we love here is that ms.doris is also involved in food-development researches to inculcate health-promotive techniques through our gastronomic experience. Since the shop is able to makes her own delicacies, your wallet won’t surely be chickening out since these products are affordable.

these are some of their products. Coffee beans,coco sugar candies ,vinegar

They also serve ricemeals, pasta and coffee and tea.