Unrequited hatred

Unrequited hatred

Too many people talk about unrequited love without thinking that there is also unrequited hatred.They say hatred consumes you.What is it about unrequited hatred?

BV(Bad vibes)
Hatred..dislikes..frustration..anger..disgust..These are true feelings that we cannot avoid as a human. Whatever the reason is it may or may be channeled or released and expressed. Depending on the severity, some issues can just be let go and let the issue cool down first at that moment.
What to do?

When you hate an object,you throw it away;you bang it; or you do something to release the tension.(or again, you can just let the frustration go)

Handling anger Or hatred may be different when it comes to hating our own likes: Hating other people. When you hate someone(and you can no longer understand the person and it becomes so unbearable), it is better that tell it to them straight to their face privately. But of course, it should be done and delivered appropriately. The person who you are “directing” your hatred into(just like love) must know what your feelings are for them.

Say it or else…

 Because if not, the burden is all yours. That person can sleep at night, without even thinking even a thing about you. The person can even resume and continue what he is doing without minding that you are already burning in fire. you become stressed,producing lots of cortisol which is actually bad for your health,especially metabolism and immune system. At the end of the day, you are still on the losing end.you end up hurting yourself.

It consumes you

What is so great about hatred? Does it grow into something productive?why is it hard for some of us to let go of disgust and hatred when it consumes us?why do some of us hold grudges?

Should we let our hearts be troubled that we find ourselves cringing with tightness in our chest?

Address the problem

In order for you to be free from this, it is a must that the frustration or disgust is expressed to the person and not to other persons.That is if you want to address the problem and not complicate it.that is if you are mature to face the problem.
Nothing beats good communication if done therapeutically.


Know the Bullies


Bully and Bullied

Maybe there had been a time in your childhood that you have been either of the two or both.
We thought that we already left them in the kindergarten and high school;But,the thing is some people have not outgrown it at all.

Where does bullying branch out?

It is a consequence of nature and nurture. The upbringing of child by the parents, the people that surrounds him as he grow and his environment outside and inside home.There must be some issues in the stages of development(but that is not what will be mentioned here) that has become pathologic and make up the totality of a person.That is personality.

Lack of Awareness
People make fun of others.And they lack the sensitivity to know that they actually hurt.The lack of sensitivity is a major determinant of how bad the bully is.
In a greater sense, the one who bullies is the one who has many insecurities in their own self. Why? They point out negative attributes to other person whom they think are less threatening in exchange for their feeling of being superior over them.
Imagine how could a person be so happy by piercing someone’s heart?How cruel, right?It is actually better if you are friends with each others because you know yourselves very well.(but still, be cautious or you’ll end up being FO’s)

“Mature-Immature” Bullies

Why mature-immature bullies? As people grow, their maturity level should also be developed along the way. Their have broader sense of thinking logically and abstractly. They now have the capability to think outside the box. Their understanding to the different people, world and its phenomenon must be, more or less,deeper than when they were in Piaget’s concrete operational stage. They have better capacity to understand and that understanding should be make used to relate wih others.

Comments and initial reactions should still be delivered with caution. What most people fail to realize is the boundaries of expression. Just because we are given freedom of expression does not mean we have the license to cut sharp using our tongues and to hurt others by our body language.
If a comment is supposed to be a joke, people may or may not laugh. If it is funny, people will laugh. If you make fun of people, the bully will laugh and probably be inviting other people to laugh hard too ,as in LMAO LOL ROFL.

Who is on the real losing side?

To those who understand this issue from this point of view, this person looks,more or less,pathetic than the actual person being bullied. The person is viewed to be a reflection of insecurities,frustration and an indefinite self. That means he needs to degrade another person in order to lift his broken or damaged self-esteem;and That he needs to hurt other people’s feeling, and that is a negative.

Thus, Those who find joy in habitual sarcasm, mockery and hurting other’s feelings has never experienced true happiness.

A bitter pill to swallow

So if you are person who blabber mouth,tactless,and enjoys making fun of other person, and at the same time you do not want to be considered to be insecure or worse a bully, or you just deny to be,it is time for you to think before you speak.

You will be viewed as pathetic,insecure and unhappy. Neither of us would not like that.

 Acceptance is the key

I remember one of my professor in Psychiatric Nursing would always say that acceptance is the key to resolution of a psychiatric or psychological problem. Once the person has accepted the reality of the situation, the person can further scrutinize his behavior and mentality ;allowing him to think of ways to be better which leads to an overall improvement.
Bullies (or those who deny that they are) can be helped.There are still those few who understand them. But as of now, it is for you alone to accept it.


1.Do you always make fun of others?

2.Do you know if you have hurt someone?if yes, how long will it take you to realize?

3.Are you insecure?

4.Do you want to be regarded as insecure or pathetic?

5.Do you want to be better?

Examine your thoughts.Who knows if you have become one.

“Set a guard into my tongue,O Lord.Keep watch over the door of my lips”-Psalm 41:3




This climb reminded me to be always ready.

I do not label myself as a mountaineer,but i really enjoy seeing the view on top.I do this as a recreation and more of fulfilling my duty to commune with nature every once in a while. and i believe ,people should really try this cause once yiu step on the mountain you really forget about other things and you concentrate with the trail.


Weather reports said that there will be low pressure area so we had to raincheck the night and hours before the climb. Because if it is going to rain we would not definitely push through. We are not going to risk our safety,ofcourse.
Eager as we are(this was after midterms)we prayed that it wouldnt.So,it did not. Weather was fine.Sky was calm. We packed up and prepared for our hike in Mt.Ayaas in montalban,rizal.
We were only 3. One is a newbie. We just asked one tour guide to accompany us, his name is kuya Bernie. There are so many people that time:a group hiking for a cause,a group who will be attempting quad-climb(4mountains).

We started 630.
We had to walk beyond wawa dam. 

And ride a boat across the water going to mount ayaas

You can see mt 

 The trail looks like this.
There will be river crossing(which is actually new to me) I was a bit anxious because of the news about tragic river-crossing (though i managed to take it as a new experience ) I fear running waters because the current might be that strong to drag you away and there might be deep areas that you would not know unless you have already drowned yourself.


this one is ankle deep to half- lower leg deep


Well,this one was a good experience to me though. I think that was about 1hour of river -land-river trail
We passed by 4 “bahay-kubo” and even rested on one.

Kuya  said you can drink this water.it is from a spring.he also added that if a flowing water is seemingly color blue then it is somehow safe to say it is clean.

The tower  

Going up 

 The view

The summit

There is only one peak at mount ayaas. So there were other group of mountaineers with us. Time check:10:00am.

Wind was cool,its direction was toward us,and only to realize that it was going to bring the rain clouds on us.
After resting ,taking pics,eating our snacks and of course enjoying the view. We decided to start our descent because it was already showering. 

 It rained harder than we thought so e soil became muddy. This was the first time that i hiked in the rain. Good thing we have raincoat.
We reached the river part.and i can say that the river level got higher than my knees and the current becomes faster.
I was worried about crossing.i know how to swim but the currents may be so strong.also, i was worried about my gadgets because it was on my waste. We really had to hold hands so we can cross the water. But i know we can definitely go out of this “omg” situation. 
When we reached the bigger part of the river,kuya bernie,our trail guide,decided that it is best for us to traverse to mount pamitinan because it is much safer.(I just hope my newbie friend would not be traumatized though)
So that is what we did.it took us more than an hour.
But good thing,we are all safe plus we were able to set foot to another mountain up to the junction to another mountain.

In the end,it was a good  ,fun experience

Basically,this is going to be a survival adventure.Bring only  the important things .remember to pack light,travel light.

Never ever forget to bring:

Water(hydration bag,about2L.)

Medical kit(Diatabs,paracetamol,antacid,betadine,etc)


Rope(esp for river crossing)


Gloves(to protect your hands from t horns and sharp rocks)

Plastic(for your things just in case it rains)

Trail food



Handy Towel

Extra clothes(it is better  if you wear trekking pants or leggings  to cover your legs)


And your smile!!! 


GC!Grade conscious ka ba?:)

GC…not gift certificate but Grade-conscious

Have you ever been called GC or grade conscious?
Is it an insult or a compliment?
Let us rephrase that.
Did YOU regard it as an insult or a compliment?

Negative GC-ness

As far as a holistic being is concerned, it will only be negative if you are hurt feelings,damage people’s life or you have become socially incapable in the expense of that grade. In a same sense, getting high grades that you forget your moral values because you boast it to other people is never a head-turner. Moreover, it will have a negative implication to your behavior if your sole motivation is just the grade,and not anymore the learning. That if you are not given a grade, you will no longer do your best. There is more to life. And The real measure of greatness in the journey of life are never graded by numbers.

Toss coin

On the other side of the coin, what is something to be delighted upon being a grade-conscious?
Of course,you will get good grades.But how do you get those grades? You comply with the rules. You submit all the given requirements on the earliest possible time. You aim to do your best.and good grades may (or may not) follow.

Yes, Grades are just numbers,we do not take away the fact that they do not define who you are.
 There are so many factors that could affect the grades.

Reasons why GRADES are high

Why your grades are high might be due to following reason:

1.You may be really brilliant,intelligent and Einsteinette; 
2.you may be lucky (that the one lesson you studied showed in the test paper);
3.you study hard,double the time
4.you pray hard
5.you are able to comprehend the questions and the type of questions
6.you might be in a good predisposition (good mood,good health,etc)at the time of exam
7.Easy exams;you get the logic
8.you just have a very kind and lenient professor.

High grades..average grades..low grades..High grades are very good.It appears good on paper,as well as resume in the future. Having average grades are also good.It means you know what most of the class is supposed to know. If you get low grades though,it does not directly mean that you know nothing at all. 

Reason why you got low grades:

Your low grades might actually mean:
1.you do not understand the question or the instruction; (technical)
2.you have a wide coverage or prioritized a less numbered topic; 
3.you know a lot that you jumbled it on your brain 
4. you overrationalized (you think it is tricky so you tricked yourself)
5.you were tired, sick, emotionally distressed and apathetic during the exam 
6.you procrastinate
7.the professor gave a very difficult exam 
8. You are overconfident;or 
9..you just really do not know.

These are the reasons but we should not habitually rationalize it as such.
At the end of every exam with low mark,know what is the probable cause so you can improve.



Upon thinking about this, it is also true enough to think that the school grades are the basis of whether a student learned or not. The same reason why it becomes a criterion whether you will be promoted or not to the next level. At the academe level,we can say that it is somehow important. That is why examinations must be valid. Validity refers to a characteristic of a test if it is able to measure what is supposed to measure.

From making us think what grades are and going back to the GC GC thing,what is so wrong about it? Why do others raise eyebrows to them? Why do others make fun of them?It is likewise true that Some people would not like to be called GC. In the middle of their undertaking, they prove to others that they are not. The tendency for them is to become lax;so lax that they tend to overdo it. Only to realize that in the end, they become short of the grades they need to be promoted. Getting good grades,not necessarily high, is actually the strategy of every institution to train their students what they want them to be as reflected in their vision and mission. It is a challenge to everyone. If there is one competition that every student must engaged in, it is the competition of themselves and what they were previously.

In the end what people fail to realize is that maybe being grade conscious is the way to survive tough schooling. Maybe it is the norm and doing what is under it is potentially compromising your chance to level up on the next step. What people also fail to realize is that they must keep themselves curious. 

Enjoy life while learning.