Isla de Calaguas 

It was an APEC week and we were advised to stay out of manila so we couldn’t be #APECtado by the horrendous traffic. Aside from that, it was also our sembreak. (Yehey!) Because I adore the tranquility of the sea, i really thought of going to a beach for this short-time vacay. At first,i was just thinking about Batangas but thank God,He gave me one that i could check out of my bucketlist-Calaguas. 

Loving the waves!

Good thing i saw this post of an outdoor group, the same group that organized our hiking in Pico de Loro last June. It seems as if I was destined to go to that place. Lovely!The post was from Sir mike(Michael Vincent) and Sir Ger.(they are,i think,combo in their adventure trips) Luckily,i was able to reserve a slot for me and my cousin,Justine. 

chika minute!


Our meeting place was in All day mart in Starmall alabang. Since we were running late for our 9pm call time,we opted to ride the taxi and pay the skyway toll.(Budget:around 600php. ) 
So there, we met new set of people. We did not know each other yet,so we didn’t talk that much.We left at about 10:15pm and slept the whole duration. Then,we had a stopover at Mcdo gumaca,where we had midnight snack.  


We reached the port going to the island of calaguas at around 6.30am. This is the one located at Vinson. At first, we were kind of confused where the port was because the place is like full of bushes,plants and trees. (How would you even know?) So anyway, we are talking about the port. There we met tita mely(correct me if I heard a wrong name).They have a sari-sari store. That was also where our boat was waiting. However, we couldn’t leave yet because we had to wait for the water level to become low.

All aboard!Let’s go! (here with justine,mika,michael,boss ken,boss ger,she and je


I’m telling you the waves were huge enough to rock our boat as if we are on rio grande ride at an amusement park. 

Before the boat ride, I advise that you change your clothes into a ready-to-get-wet outfit and place your gadgets inside ziplocks. Make sure your bags are Waterproof and sealed.
They said the waves can also be stronger at times.Although,the boatmen put our bags on the compartment at the bottom of the boat,it is advisable that you place them in plastic bags. So bring one for your bag.(a big transparent bag costs 15php at tita mely’s).

Still dry!Prepare to get wet,guys!☔️

 Our boat ride took 3hrs,which is longer from what we expected bec the waves were against us (So for those who have hypoglycemic tendencies,i suggest that you bring snacks with you.) This had been a perfect time for us to know each other as we talked about the scenery and the waves.(wooo!!talking about screaming while riding the waves)


I can see it!!!😍😍


Almost there!!😍😍😍

Excited as we are, we took pictures of the island in to which we were going to. We could already see the nipa huts and the tents erected before the shoreline. The icy water, although it looks cool, was warm. And I couldn’t contain my excitement. We reached the calaguas island at around 11:30am. 

So we ate suman and bread for snacks that sir Mike gave. Some of us already started to build their tent and rested. It was a free time for everyone to talk about anything literally under the sun,then we ate lunch they prepared.(They provided 6meals. )



We also had a basic lecture of aerodynamics,spearheaded by sir mike, just for us to have ideas how airplanes,birds and gliders fly. It was really informative. We tried to do some paragliding that afternoon but the wind was against us. So we did it the next day.(More about this on the next blog)


That night and the next, we lit sky lanterns (cool,another first time for me) and had fun group drinking games. It was as if we have already known each other even before this trip. We clicked . We had laughed so hard all throughout. We played 7up,”I object”,”the person who is most likely”.We also played “kate-gory”as suggested by sir Ger but he did a lot of bloopers that made him the laughing stock.We laughed until we hurt our stomachs.In the end, he got most of the shots.(hahaha)




The next morning,we had trekking with the local kids as our guides.

They are happy kids and they also like posing and jumping in front of the cameras like us. 
I fell in love with the overlooking scenery of the blue sea and the waves.It was a bit hot because of the sun’s rays but I could feel the wind touching my face as I smile in front of the picturesque creation of God. oooh, what a natural stimulant. 



We also had island hopping but into only one island. It also has a nice view.  you can see the the change in the direction of the waves.You should go there to see it too.That is where we had done the snorkeling.



Of course,we have to experience the sea and its white sand.



Well, this is to summarize the itineraries that what we had during our stay. The time is not indicated because the activities are based on the weather;so it was flexible.

Calaguas Island

Day 1.

  • -swimming  
  • -paragliding 
  • -Sky lantern Flying
  • -group games,socialization 

Day 2. 

  • -Trekking
  • – Swimming
  • -Island Hopping
  • -snorkeling 
  • -paragliding
  • -Visit Fishing village 
  • – Sky Lantern Flying.
  • -karaoke and socialization

Day 3

  • -Swimming
  • -Paragliding
  • -ride a boat back home
  • -buy pasalubong at jannas

We were not able to go to bagasbas beach for skim boarding, surfboarding, and Paramotor Flying because some of us have work that evening.I guess those are things to look forward to for the next visit:)


Overall, i found this trip very remarkable. It is a wholesome land,water and air adventure.Moreover,it is my first time to experience to camp out and to go paragliding. I do not have any tent but they were able to provide us one. (Ask them first so you will be sure that you will have something to use)
Well,i wouldn’t say i didn’t have any difficulty but I definitely liked the experience and probably be looking forward for the next camping out. I had nothing to worry about.The organizers provided 6meals. Some of us brought some snacks to share.Plus, there was a store beside us.There were even selling halo-halo(35php). Some kids are roaming around to sell buko salad ice candy(10php) which is delicious.

I forgot to mention that Calaguas island only have electricity at night so you better prepare your powerbanks. They have deep well as source of water .they have bathrooms (But it is so small so make sure that you only bring the things you need inside)

You will also experience utmost peace since there is no wifi and network signal. Before the boat ride, make sure you inform everyone left at home that you are going to this island or else you will have to hike into the hill just to text or “check in”.
PASALUBONG ,of course

If there is one thing that i regret,I wish i bought more pili roll and pili tart. Now,i am craving for more!somebody get me more pls:)haha

(if you want to try out their adventure,like their page on FB :FlyXtreme Adventure Club.They are very accomodating. You can also contact sir michael or sir ger orcheck out fb outdoor groups  as he constantly posts on to thwir walls. They would be happy to have you on the trip.)




“Everybody deserves a chance to fly”

Yes,Figuratively and literally.
Who said no one can fly?

Thank God for the invention of paragliding. We can experience how to lift our feet from the ground and soar like a bird.

It was my first time;and it is solo.

Although I cannot consider it as flying and gliding yet because the height that i reached was not as high as the others. (You’re so pro,guys!huhu! kudos!*claps*👏👏👏)

But anyway,that’s an achievement unlocked for me.yayy!👍(Happy kiddo here-bucketlist is checked)
So let me tell my story about it.It was actually part of our Calaguas adventure,and the activity was of course weather-dependent. It was Sir Michael or boss mike who taught us about the whole thing. 
We had a little lecture regarding how airplanes,gliders and birds fly. I was not that ready for a serious lecture though because I just came from a semester of studying. It seems as if he woke up Newton,Bernoulli and the wright brothers as he mentioned their names. And i was like,”really?now?” But he continued,so game was on.Well,I appreciate it and i was able to participate somehow.(hahah) You see, some things or principles are better appreciated out of the school. 


 According to Sir mike, in order for you to fly and to maintain gliding in the air, you must know how to feel,which means dapat hindi manhid(#hugotified), or else nothing will happen or you will end up falling.(So,dalhin mo daw kung sino man ang gusto mo na manhid ng nang mapatunayan.)
You must also know your laterality-Left and Right. (When you are there, you will be somehow confused)

He was actually patient in teaching us. You might think that he is strict but that is because your life is also at stake. When you get it right,you will know that he is happy for you.hahaha.and He is so funny.He had perfect “banats” at the right timing.(try it for yourself)He said you cannot use your health card with accidents due to extreme adventures as you predispose yourself at risk. (Safety is the priority)
You really have to trust and listen to the voice of the instructor even though it seems like your heartbeat sounds louder than anything when you get off in the air. 

The common commands you’ll hear is left and right(pump just enough to feel the pressure),surrender,shift to the left and right, full glide and brake. Make sure you know your right and left by heart.The aim is to soar like a bird.(and believe me, we sang “we’re soaring..flying…lalala) When the balance is lost, you have to adjust. It is also a matter of presence of mind. He was constantly reminding me not to let the wind control me because i am the pilot. I should control it. But it is easier said than done.(newbie here,haha) I am not going to get technical here. I am not the instructor.✌️

And oh,you cannot just brake when you’re on air because the wings will fold and you will fall. (So imagine if you are in greater height. #parasubsob) I repeatedly commit this error and it took me a lot of tries before getting the right thing and that is to lift myself. With those brakes,i fell and hurt my self. He said,”Nasaktan ka ba? masakit talaga kasi brake ka ng brake(which is seemingly has double meaning with “break ng break” as in break up)(perfect punchline)😂😂
It may be easy for for a novice who has kinesthetic intelligence but i still have to practice. In the end,i was able to “surrender” and fly. 




  Once you get high,like literally,you’ll surely want for more. I was not able to fly that high but who cares cause there will surely be a next time for me.

Thanks for those who have volunteered to tow-sir Je,Sir ger and ninja Cabs!and of course,thanks Boss Mike! More power!
Happy to have tried this adventure.Maybe you will like this too and you will probably fly higher than me. Thanks for reading.

“Don’t let your fear of falling keep you from flying.”

[want to try this adventure?like their page in Fb: FlyXtreme adventure club]




Mt. Binacayan



  • Location:Rodriguez,Rizal
  • Major jumpoff: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Height: 424+MASL
  • Difficulty:5/9
  • Features: Limestone formations, views of Sierra Madre and Rizal

After our finals week, I immediately thought of climbing or hiking another mountain. Thank God that Mt. Binacayan is just near the metro to satisfy my ethereal craving.Plus,the adventure is not just expensive.

So it was Sunday, 15th of November. I came with my cousin, Justine and two of her friends, RR and KenKen. We started later than what we expected so we were not able to appreciate the sea of clouds and the rustling of leaves at the mountaintop that everyone is talking about. Anyway, there will always be a next time. Here is our itinerary:

  • 6:00-Calltime and Meet up at Ministop,San Rafael.(breakfast and bought snacks)
  • 6:30-DENR office Registration;Meet up with Kuya Junie Susana,our trail guide.He is the father of LJ.(If you know him)
  • 6:45-start of hike
  • 9:45-peak1/snacks
  • 10:15:peak 2
  • 10:45 peak 3
  • 12:00 Start of descent
  • 1:00 Descent
  • 1:00-2:00 sidetrip Wawa dam
  • 2:00 Tidy up;Leave

The Fresh-at- first mandatory pic

This is the road going to the Foot of the mountain.It is different from ayaas and pamitinan.

  Foot of the mountain-rocky  

On our way to one of the peaks, It rained a bit so we sheltered under a big rock for a while. Good thing the rain did not last long. I was a bit worried that the rocks will be slippery and we had to be extra careful. It is really better to start the hike earlier in the AM so that it wouldn’t be very hot. 

  There are parts in Mt. Binacayan that are not shaded by the trees. You really have to bring enough water for hydration and to moisten yourself.

Now,that is a good spot for exercise!Good job!

The local trail guides in Rodriguez,Rizal are very good and patient.  

This is kuya Junie. He is a good guide plus he loves taking pictures, he is like a paparazzi, even the candid moments were caught.


kuya junie pointing at the group of monkeys🐵🐒


 I think the extended “photoshoot” took us long. 

But it is actually okay because the scenic view was totally mesmerizing.

so happy

stretching on the edge

 and with you added to the picture-Priceless!!!
Group Pictures   




feeling high and accomplished!another fun adventure!thanks to you guys!thanks Binacayan for uniting in this fun-filled adventure!

 Wawa dam side trip 



Wow.Another mountain welcomed me dearly.Thank God for giving this to us and thank you for guiding us all throughout this journey.
Attire:(For those who does not have an idea)

  • GLOVES with rubber on the palmar side.This is a must unless you want to punish yourself.
  • Leggings/warmers/trekking pants (the rock formations are really sharp.)
  • cap,warmers,shades,headgear
  • shoes or outdoor sandals

Things to bring:

  1. Hydration bag/Water at least 2L,  Gatorade
  2. Trail food and baon(I usually bring Mentos and chicken;)
  3. Raincoat (just in case)
  4. Medic Kit
  5. extra clothes and towel
  6. Tissue,Alcohol,Soap
  7. Survival Tools/Ropes
  8. plastic/ziplocks
  9. Survival kit

Thanks to my sponsor!






Mt Pamitinan

Mt Pamitinan

  • Height: 426 MASL
  • Specs: Minor
  • Difficulty:3/9
  • Location:Rodriguez,Rizal
  • Major jumpoff: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Features: Limestone formations, scenic views of Sierra Madre and Rizal province
    Budget:less than 300php


0500 ETD Quezon City
0600 Arrival at Brgy. Wawa. Register at barangay hall / tourism office
0630 Start trek up Mt. Pamitinan
0730 Arrival at Hapunang Banoy junction
0840 ETA Peak 1 (photo-op)
0945 ETA Peak 2
1030 Start descent
1230 Back at Brgy. Wawa

Other photos not mine.

You know you arrived at the right place if you see this.This is the DENR office.You need to register first before the climb. The registration fee costs 2pesos per head/mountain. I remember my friends were asking if I would still be amenable for a twin hike, Binacayan and Pamitinan. I was reluctant at first because of time constraints. But I agreed and gave another 2 pesos. I could not believe that I was just paying less than a hundred, no, even less than 10php for this adventure. Other assembled group hikes would cost as much as 500pesos.(And that is for the transpo fee,ID’s or shirts if they have)Well, this is my first time to do a DIY hike(meaning it is KKB or “kanya kanyang bayad”)

This is also where we met our trail guide, LJ Susana.

That is Mt. Pamitinan ( background). I was like, ” We are going up there!”

You have to pay another fee here.Hike fee or whatever. I forgot what that is for but I think I gave 6php.

The hanging bridge going to the foot of the mountain.

On our way up….

….and rocks

….and more rocks

The challenge…

Summit and peaks

Co-climbers enjoying the view

Thank God for this wonderful view. Amazing creation.

Sierra Madre View


Also, thanks to our guide LJ Super nice,astig and galing kumuha ng shots.(you can check his name in FB if you are looking for a guide)

And we are done…

Happy Smiles for everyone.


Wawa Dam Sidetrip

We were not able to do the twin hike because we no longer have time. I still have the iconic memory of how amazing this mountain is.The view was so breathtaking and refreshing. The journey to the top may not be that easy but that is what made the trip more memorable and fun. It is true that every once in a while we have to turn into our own obligation to commune with the nature.

Thanks so much to my fellow climbers Tina Cabanero, Karl Ian Tisbe, Ais DeRamos Princess Haniah and Julius Magpantay. Looking forward to climb more mountains with you:)

Aside from the usual things that you pack up,

I suggest that you really bring your gloves.and for those who do not want their legs to be scratched or wounded, wear leggings or trekking pants.It is optional. And of course, we do not want bloody and abraded legs here,right girls?

REMEMBER:The view might be very nice but Safety and protection must be always considered. We do not want a click and snap to cost a life.So,Take care and enjoy!




There will be a point in your life that you will feel so low.And to your surprise,you will realize that it is not yet the lowest of lows. The bad things have piled up until you no longer feel bad about it.

You can not cry, sulk rant nor overpacify yourself because you do not have time. Your time is that precious that you cannot mend your emotions. Soon you will realize, there is no need to feel bad at all. You just have to move on.


You Med my life complete

I used to have episodes of melancholy whenever I notice another day ends or the year is about to close. I had this feeling that I still had to do something. I think I lost it this year. There is no need to rush I felt that I am where I am supposed to be.



Yung mukha mong binabandera talaga na road to MD,dahil sa bumps and humps!!!!road kung road:)))huhuhuhuhu..aray ko po:((((((
Ok lang yan,it is part of it!The bumps and the humps make the perseverance all worth it in the end!!!