Debunking “#walang forever”

The phrase “walang forever” has been very popular. Maybe this is because of the inevitable feeling of bitterness and hatred when someone experience a break up after how many years,or let us say, even minutes the relationship had been.But is there such as thing as “NoForever”?

Sometimes, it is so painful that we turn away our backs from love.But Love,of course ,does not always mean a couple kind of thing. Since, there are different forms of love, and that could be in the persona of a mother,father,sister relative or even a friend or even other people who you just encountered on the street but has great impact with your life.There is love for animals;love for a profession and a hobby.But here, I will be talking about those who are looking for forever or believed that they already found the one.

I am sure there had been a time when you were asked personally if you believe in forever. If no one asked you yet,then i must ask,”do you?”. People have different stories. They also have ways on how to view love from angles of relationship. If you are so in love right now,i am not just referring to the steady “in love” state, but that kind of head over heels or fleeting floating kind of love and there are butterflies on your stomach, intense feeling of desire that makes you want to be with the person every single time, then probably you believe in forever or you make it want to feel like it is forever.It is so easy to believe if there is someone who is as sweet as your boyfriend or girlfriend or who will make you believe with the thought of it.

But it is not always like that. It is not always steaming for both of the partners. Love, being an emotion as it is, is also vulnerable to internal and external threats like incompatibility issues, self-esteem issues and third party issues, and even minor issues like fighting over who will squeeze calamansi (who would have thought calamansi will damage a relationship?hahaha). Love is an investment of feelings. It does not guarantee that you’ll get the same amount that you have invested. You are really bound to hurt yourself in the process of loving. But despite the hurt and the sorrow, the thing we must agree is what Alfred Tennyson said “It is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all”.

If you think forever, in a literal way, then you might say, “hell, there is no forever since both of you will die anyway”.Then I say yes, that is true. But mind you dear friend, forever only lasts a lifetime. No one can be really sure about what will happen to both of you after death, or to everyone. But that is another story. the point is It is only until death when both of you can make your partner feel loved and being taken care of. If you grow old together and spend your last days sitting together and that is already forever.Now can you picture it on your mind?

I must say that yes,there is forever.Love is indeed for eternity. Forever is something two people build in a lifetime. so if there are those who claim that there is no forever then i must say yes,it is not for all.But it is possible. Forever means lifetime committment for two people.Forever is built by two individuals who are strong enough to make it work. No one said it is going to be easy because no one is taught on how to be in love and stay in love plus there are millions of endless possibilities for thingss to happen. Since the world has exposed us materialistic views. It seems as if “unconditional love” is so hard to process. It is unconditional that our minds could not take  a grasp of its idea beyond the imperfect settings and the circumstance.When we love it is not just because it is convenient or easy for us. It involves effort,time and it is an effort of two that is combined.

Even marriage is no longer an assurance of a long and lasting relationship.I cannot blame people.Because people change and their  definition of love might change along with them. It is not always just temptation that can hurt us. “Walang forever” can be in a form of battery,adultery,sickness and and even early death of a loved one .It is saddening though.But these circumstances are really out of our control. It is beyond our powers that even no matter how we want we may lose it. At the end we must lift it up to the primary giver of Love–and that is God, and He himself is love.

Anyway, those people who are sure to claim ” walang forever” and shun love are often the same people who are just waiting for someone who would make them believe otherwise. At the back of their exhausted and cautious mind and hearts, they say “I’ll just let love find me but now I’ll be busy loving myself or the others”.

In an imperfect world,strive to be positive.strive to love.Strive to love unconditionally.

And Yes.There is such thing as forever but it is not for everyone.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
-1 Corinthians 13:4-8New International Version (NIV)


Last day naaaa(Feelings pag last day of exams)



Ilang oras na lang,tapos na ang exams.

Probably,we can consider that the subject taken on the last day as the most  difficult.

Why?Partly,it is because of the subject per se. But most of the time, it is because both the body and mind are already drained and exhausted with all of the thinking done for the whole week.Need not to say the sleep deprivation it caused you.And mind you, studies and recent articles say that you cannot catch up the sleep that you lost from the previous week.So darling, do not forget to take you vitaminas!(Ok,I’ll tell that to myself.)

So there you are, feeling like you are already floating but still braving the last day of exam. It seems as if you already want to stop right there in the page where you are struck.Next thing you know, you probably have begun to scroll down in your fb news feed or instagram or you probably have looked for the next itinerary and promo deals for your next barkada escapade or you better yet you have started looking for some Motivational quotes to boost you up.

Then you noticed that you already lost a significant amount time just because your wifi was turned on and you cannot help but to find yourself doing non-school related stuff. Momentum is lost and you now look how far you still have to read;how many pages or topics you still have to study. And you cringe with desperation cause it seems as if you would not finish studying and make some “ALAY”.Alay the topics which you consider really,really,really or the topics that have the least chance of passing(depending on how the prof makes the questions,of course). BUT try as much as possible not too.You may never know if that prof becomes an “instant fairy godmother”.

Everytime the exam week is coming,i have the incessant desire to finish immediately but with understanding,of course, so I can sleep earlier. (I mean,who does not want that????huh?hahaha)Too bad,it always happen on the other way because I have this “autosleep” mode on. That when I really really feel sleepy and i am still fighting it,i would really doze off even if I am just sitting on my desk.But good thing I can still wake up and I feel like recharged.It is just that I have pins and needles.

Hmmm,talking about sleep…. Thing is you can sleep but depending on what kind  of learner you are,you may or may not cover all the exam coverage with deep comprehension;or you can study the whole night only to sleep during taking the examination. Either of the two causes anxiety;but the former gives more anxiety than the latter(as for me,i really fall asleep during the exams but Thank God I can finish it;part of my “autosleep” mode,hahaha,BUT Swear to God I am really trying not too.)

Sleep is really important before taking the exams. It is important that as much as possible you get some sleep and have a proper state of mind to begin with. There is the tendency for us to just answer without thinking or even reading the question or answer because of the great need to sleep back at home that we end up having mistakes.(I am Guilty!!!Well, i think, that is inevitable)Lessen the collateral damage!!!Just do whatever you think is right given the circumstances.

It is just so funny how I spilled my heart as of the moment.My timer just ended and it is telling me that at this time I should have finished this lesson I am reading but I am not.and i am still typing to end this write up….but i am beginning to become anxious so I think I am not going to end this anyway,so I apologize for this.