Surviving med as freshie


First year med student no more!!!ALL PRAISES TO GOD!

So that concludes my 1st year in med. We are finally done with the waiting game of knowing whether we passed,had to take pre removals or failed. Thank God I passed all of them.

While I still have my hangover for the freshman madness and I have my time,Here are the TOP THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU ENTER MEDSCHOOL.

As much as I wanted to share my experiences and school issues as immediate as possible, i could not because i don’t have much time.This is for our doctor aspirants there, and for those who are contemplating and undecided yet.(Hoping it would help you though.)

1.Love entails sacrifice

So you are here because you want to be a doctor,or someone wants you to be a doctor.The thing is you are lucky enough to be given a chance to be one (bec the tuition fee is gold), so you have to love it by all means!And yes,There are many things you needed to sacrifice for the sake of that “love”.

Good thing I am kinda aware of that. I had to focus. Of course, i had to,without any doubt. I had two years out of school.I worked so I had to accustom my self for the whole new experience. Sacrifice your non-medical related passions. Sacrifice cravings for catching up with friends or a movie/series. Sacrifice the social life and your family quality time. Sacrifice your love for travelling or gaming.Scarifice your regular workouts. But you know,Test the water first.If you can balance,why not?Your level of sacrifice also depends on your goal. If you just want to pass,you can still do those things and juggle it. But if you want not to be nervous at the end of the semester,better aim for a safer grade and prioritize.

(If you are Einsteinette,ignore these sacrifices! Ignore this whole post,i guess.haha!you will figure it out anyway.)
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Celebrating golden times

I can’t help but sing “Kung tayo ay matanda na…” whenever i see this photo

In modern times like this, it is very rare for us to see (intimate) relationships that would last really long. There are many factors that can affect a relationship.One of the factors i see is many of us tend to love because it is convenient for us to love. But it does not work that way. Love endures. It must surpass the test of time despite the hardships. It is not easy because Two people must work on it. One must complement the other. There must be continuous positive regard to each other. These things are easier said than done though. but in that way, we can say that there is forever.


“May forever” daw

Last March, our family had to go back to Davao because we would be celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandma and grandpa. It was something grand cause it is the combined effort of my mom and my 3 other

, being their children. And we thought that it must be celebrated since not everyone would actually reach 50 years of marriage happily together.It is actually a dream come true for my grandma.

Some may be separated.Some would actually pass away before that time. So seeing everyone preparing to look at their best for the event is really touching.The thought of everyone being 

there is already heartwarming.

Here comes the bride…

I could not imagine the feeling of my grandma as she walked down the aisle for the second time in her life. Of course,every eye is on you. It would totally be different because the first time would not actually include your children.

And now,there will be additional participants because you already have your grandchildren. And as for my grandpa ,I wonder how would it really feel to look at your bride 50 years after. Of course, there would be difference such as wrinkles but those are signs that both of you had grown together in time.

 I mean, I have seen their faces as they see each other and meet up in the front of the altar. It is a real tear jerker to see my grandpa’s face crying with joy as he touched and kissed my grandma.



A trial and error may it be but No one is taught how to grow as a couple.No one one is taught how to build a family. No one is taught how to turn a house into a home. so there is really no point of blaming each other for mistakes that has been made.Nevertheless,that should teach them to better themselves as partners in life.I am sure it is not a 100% joy for the two of them.But it takes patience,guts and commitment to make things last.That is why I admire them for that.
I am not sure how long the oldest couple in that room is but i think it is more than 55. 

I know it is not easy.That is why for any endeavor,especially marriage, that we would like to succeed,we must not forget to put Love in the center.And we know that Love is God himself.

Renewal of Vows

You don’t get to see things like this everyday.It left me wondering if I will also experience something like this. And for me, i think it is truly rewarding that every couple must strive to live with their vows.Now,this is the challenge in our generation today.


The Wedding Cake -Made by tita marjorie and my cousin,Eena


Toast for the Bride and groom


Speech from the Newlyweds



Now ,who wants a happy ever after?Don’t just raise your hand!Embrace your wives and husbands!
Being the eldest apo, i would also like to  share the essence of  this wonderful celebration s to my younger cousins in finding their true love.

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(Other photos not mine)


Mt.Hapunang Banoi

 Before the final term of this sem got very intense, we had decided to hike Mt.hapunang Banoi. They said it is the most difficult mountain to climb in the series of mountains in Brgy. Wawa, Montalban because of its sharp rocky nature. Well, i can say that it is challenging. But I like how it made my whole body worked out just to have a grasp on the rocky layout of the mountain.  I just want to remind anyone who wants to climb this mountain to bring good gloves.(unless you want your hands to get wounded.)

Loving to see the Sunrise up here

Here are some details from pinoymountaineer.com:

Major jumpoff: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, RizalLLA: 14°44′25.3′′ N, 121°11′30.4′ 517 MASL (+460m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3.5 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-4 with limestone scrambling
Features: Limestone formations, scenic views of Sierra Madre and Rizal province

“Banoi is the Tagalog word for eagle, and the name of the mountain comes from its folkloric seat as the ‘place where eagles come to dine’. The fact that there are other mountains named Banoi – the one in Lobo, Batangas and Tukduang Banoi in Tanay, Rizal facing Mt. Irid – speaks of the extent of the eagles’ domain in the past. Unfortunately, the eagles have dwindled in number – but guides say that they continue to see them occasionally.”-Gideon Lasco

5;00am meet up /registration

5:30 Start climb
6:00 Foot of the mountain/Rest
6:30 Junction/Rest
9:30 Peak/summit
10:00 start of descent
10:30 reached the junction/snack time
12:00 washup, sidetrip to wawa dam

The team

So here with me are jas,yani, her ate and kuya, karen and her Bf.

I think this was the earliest that we got up for a climb and it is still dark. The trail going to Mt Pamitinan and Mt. hapunang banoi is the same so if you already tried climbing it before,it is going to be a bit familiar. It will just be separated when you reach the junction there. So it can be twin hike.(Actually,you may do a penta climb) There are mini stores in that area so it is somewhat okay if you forget your snack with you.

Foot of the mountain

You might think that a flat road will lead you to the foot of the mountain,but no.You will still be pumping up your cardio so better be ready for that. You might think you are already panting a lot only to know you have not reach the foot yet.


The views and the rocks

Some people may ask about the duration of the climb. They say the average time would be 3-4 hours but because there are those who loves to take pictures then it will be longer, of course. Rest periods would also entail additional time.Plus the snacks.Soome people would want lesser number pf hours but it is kinda ironic cause they have  many resting periods.If you are not in a hurry.Just enjoy!    

   If you want to know if it is really that hard, then i must say that it really depends on your confidence to your self. But they just say it is the hardest of all mountains there.they even mentioned it is like 6/9.but a friend of mone said it is only 4.


i have friends with me who are both new in hiking. This is their first try. Although they find it hard at first, they were able to finish it with us. It is just a matter of pacing and enjoying the trail. I always tell them you would not know you can unless you push yourself to the limits.


 When you feel like you do not want to go on further, just remind yourself.It always seems impossible until it is done. After you see the view, you will be rewarded enough cause only those who dare to literally rise on top will achieve what they want.

Going to the peak



Our knees trembled as we do the 360,with our trail guide,LJ.



Done and proud


Wow.Another mountain welcomed us with its beauty and majesty. Thank God for giving this to us and thank you for guiding us all throughout this journey. We pray that we be come good stewards of your creation.Til next climb po!

Attire:(For those who does not have an idea)

  • GLOVES with rubber on the palmar side.This is a must unless you want to punish yourself.
  • Leggings/warmers/trekking pants (the rock formations are really sharp.)
  • cap,warmers,shades,headgear
  • shoes or outdoor sandals

Things to bring:

  1. Hydration bag/Water at least 2L,  Gatorade
  2. Trail food and baon(I usually bring Mentos and chicken;)
  3. Raincoat (just in case)
  4. Medic Kit
  5. extra clothes and towel
  6. Tissue,Alcohol,Soap
  7. Survival Tools/Ropes
  8. plastic/ziplocks
  9. Survival kit

Thanks to my sponsor!

If you want to go here,you can ride a jeepney at commonwealth market terminal.(Route/ signboard going to montalban/san jose/bukid tagump.)Ask the driver to drop you at crossings.from there you can ride a trike going to wawa denr office.
Or you can ride Uv express (goong to rodriguez rizal)from Farmers cubao.