Hong Kong hits 2

I can’t get enough of our recent out of town trip.BTW,We bought a sim card there.it costs more to send a txt so we just called our family friend who gives us direction.So enough about that.While everything is still fresh, here is the part 2 of my HongKong trip.
(Read:hongKong hits1 )

2. NgongPing village

How to get here: Ride tsuen wen line and alight at tung chung station.you can visit the outlet mall there.

You can reach this place via bus or cable car. So there are two kinds of cable car:1with an opaque glass floor and the other 1 has a crystal glass floor. We took the crystal,which cost 20HKD more, so we could appreciate what is beneath us. I love how we have gone over the waters and the  luscious green mountains that pretty looks like broccoli.here we are with a family friend, tito ricky and his family who helped us with our DIY trip and tour us in HK.

We reach the NgongPing village in probably less than 20mins. It is purely walking by then. it is better to bring umbrella  or wide brimmed hats with you.You’ll never know if it is goin to rain or shine but during our time it is hot and sunny that we got additional sunburn.

You will see different establishment.lodging,souvenir shops,spa, restaurants and cafes in the entrance.If you’ll walk forward, you will see this arch.

this will lead you to these statues of Chinese warriors,(correct me if i’m wrong), hall of ten thousand buddhas and tian tian buddha.

We are not allowed to take pictures inside the temple so i will just leave it like this.

Then we walk up to this giant tian tian buddha which you can see while you are still in the cable car.(steps,my tip is just walk with minimal stopping and rest so you will not lose the momentum as you release the burst of energy or you can have a slow pace and then rest.)However the view is better at the top and you can do your meditation up there.

Also,when it comes to visiting temples and churches,see to it that you respect their doctrines and religious beliefs.It may be part of your itinerary but remember that is where the worshippers would come. Do not be noisy or litter. Do not be disturb them. Maintain peace and order. Be sensitive when it comes to taking pictures.

We ate this bean curd pudding.i dont know what they put in to it but it kind of tastes like turmeric. Similar with taho.

After this,we got in to the bus.
We reached tung chung terminal again past 3pm.


Then we went to mongkok.You’ll go crazy with the crazy sale of different shoes.so crazy that you wouldn’t know what to choose.

This is also where you can do some haggling to the max shopping.(Aside from the temple st,we didnt go there anymore d/t lack of time)it is the counterpart of divi.The set up is also like divi except for the part that it is cleaner plus you can take selfies.

We ate ulamen and tried different food.

3.Tsim Sa tsui

Since our lodging is along nathan road in tsim sa tsui,we strolled in the road until we reached these places:

Hongkong space museum and hongkong art museum, we didn’t go inside anymore(probably next time)

Victoria harbor

It is where you can see a good view the cityscape and skyscrapers we didnt have a chance to see this at night and watch symphony of lights.

Starr gallery

We also get to see the middle road childrens’s play ground, garden of stars.

4. The peak and the Peak tram

They say you cannot leave hongkong without seeing the famous the peak.,which is the highest viewing deck. We got here by riding thw subway up to central and exited at J2.

There were long queues.we had to wait for a long time.we met a other Filipino family so we just sticked up together until the end of this trip.

We rode the tram.It is very steep I didn’t imagine it to be like that. Outside the windows you can see the buildings in acute angles from the line of vision. My bad experience here is that the entrance to the tram is not regulated.People push each other just to get in.(pretty much the same when you are riding mrt here in the phils) It was already past 6 when we reach the peak. I really hurried to go up because i wanted to see the skyline at daylight.(I tripped over at the escalator.i was bruised and wounded but that’s just okay i was able to reach it. There were so many people.
I think it is really better that you go there at 3pm-6pm so youll see it at dawn.

Well,personally,i didn’t enjoy the view that much because there are so many people and they dont give others a chance to view it on the side. It is one of those instances that you really have to be competitive if you want to have a good view or to have good pics.So here are the best ones that we had.

We didnt stayed that much on the topdeck because the wind was so strong and we were not ready.and we were already cold.

End of the trip

We have come  towards the end of the trip.Even though we are dead-tired from the consecutive days of escapdes and our feet our aching with blisters due to a lot of walking(kidding aside), we packed up as soon as we arrived to our hostel. I forgot to mention that we just asked for a box on the local stores on the 1st floor of the building.Luckily they agreed.They also sellpackaging tape for 10HKD. I thought we could still go watch the lights at thevictoria harbor.

The next day, we had to go back home to phils.


Of course,there are other places that we havent tried but since we have to go back to our motherland,those will be part of the itineraries nextime.We have to save some more for our travel piggybanks for these:
Ocean park
Symphony of lights
Hongkong space and art museum
Madam tussaud’s wax museum
Macau tour

Here is our itinerary:
Day 0
7:25pm-9:25pm Flight
10:30pm looked for our lodging at tsim sa tsui
11:30pm rest and unpack
12:30am go out and eat
Day 1
8:00am wake up call
9:00am-10:00am breakfast/rode mtr
11:00 ETA Disneyland
3:30 Parade of stars
4:30 Mickey’s wondrous book theater
8pm night parade of stars
8:45 Fireworks display
11:00 lodging
Day 2
8:00am wake up call
9:00 am breakfast
10:30 Tung Chung/Outlet mall
11:30 Cable car
12:30pm NgongPing Village/The hall of ten thousand buddhas/Tian tian buddha
2:30pm ETA Departure
3:30pm back to tung chung station
4:00 Mongkok
4:30 pm Snack at Noodle house
10:30pmleave the place
Day 3
9:00pmwake up call
10:00pm stroll at Tsim sa tsui promenade/Garden of stars/Victoria harbor
12:30pm Mongkok
4:00-4:30pm Return to Lodging and Rest
5:00pm The peak tram/Queue and Ride
5:50pm The peak
9:00pm Leave
10:00pm Central station
Day 4
5:00am Wake up call
6:00am Check out/To airport
8:25am Flight to manila


HongKong Hits 1

This time our family visited hong kong. It is my first time to go out of the country and it is going to be a DIY trip. I can say though that Hong kong is a good choice for starters.

it is very convenient becuase of the train and it feels safe.You can put your guard down even your paranoid of some snatchers or looters.

(We chose DIY over the packaged tour.While the latter offers advantages like easy private transfers and no worries with regards to itineraries, the former would give you benefits such as you can manage your own time, budgeting your money and you can immerse  yourself within the culture of their people than being just an observer or tourist.It is just that you really have to do some research or better if you have friends who lives there or had been there to advice you.)

Their major language is Cantonese.Even though you cannot speak their language,you can manage to have a nice trip. But of course, knowing a little is somehow an advanatage. However, if you are not too good with its pronunciation, you might have a miscommunication than a well-versed conversation.English can make you survive.The only drawback is that many people in Hongkong are not that good in expressing themselves in english.
There are times that we ask for dorections but their faces become dazed and confused and they will end up shaking their head not because they do not know but they couldnt probably understand.

It is very convenient to travel in their place with their MTR connecting all the places.and you only gotta do a lot of walking if you arevto change a train line.You wont get lost because you just have to follow the colors since they arr color coded. They also have double deck buses(open and closed top), trams and cabs. You really would not be lost. Break your money though.they dont give a change.

Now this depends on how much you are willing to spend for your lodging. We did not opt to stay in a hotel because we would like to maximize our spendings on what we would really want to do and that would be allocated on foodtrips, tourist attractions and shopping. Why spend so much for that if you only need a safe place to sleep and leave your baggage on; and clean comfort room with clean water for you to do your bathing. There are many guesthouse in the city. Ours was in Chunking Mansion along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.This is near promenade where you can see victoria harbor.


We had our baons and snacks from phils but that did not hinder us kvto savor the taste of their food. Though we had also eaten in yoshinoya, one of their fastfoods, we also tried their ulamen (not sure with the spelling) or braised beef chicken noodles, their streetfood,breads and soft serve icecream. We were advised not to look for restaurants anymore because they are expensive and that we would probably be happier to try out what food are seen along the streets. We also tried the food served at disneyland.

We bought water at 7eleven nearby and i would say it is really costly. If only we had known that bottled water are cheaper in the marketplace or grocery , we could have bought a 5 gallon already. Also,They do not give lukewarm or service water but they give hot water. Surprisingly,my coffee addict mom brought a 3 in 1  cafe so she was able to enjoy cups of coffee. The usual choices on combo meals for beverages are soda or tea.
Prep your OOTD.
It is sunny that time,you can wer light clothes. But towrds the end of our trip, the sky had been somehow darkerOn our last day,it rained.


THE Must visit’s/Must try’s

Three to four days can not be enough to fully experience the place. It is either you extend the trip or you go back there. If you are to stuff all the tourist attractions in a shorter span of time, it will make you appreciate the experience lesser. Of course,you need to allow yourself to rest and take time to see what  magic the places would want to uncover.(that ia why doung DIY trips is highly advisable so you would not rush yourself and you can dedicate time to an area you wish to stay longer).Anyway,here is  the list we have visited.

1.Disneyland –

Unleash the inner kiddo in you. I am already 23 but still my heart sings with the disney theme songs and I just love seeing them in real life. Before going there i thought visiting this place is just a cliché  but i found myself teary eyed while watching their show and fireworks psentation.On the last part, i couldn’t forget the words “Go for your dreams”(though non verbatim) it is rather an inspiration that no matter how life discourage you, you should pursue your dreams.thanks for your parting words,master disney!



We were able to bring in some snacks.  My mom bought our ticket online for 535HKD.Fortunately, it comes with a complimentary food from selected fod hubs. It is actually the Same food that you can buy inside.(the food inside would cost about a hundred bucks)At first i thought it is going to be a budget meal since it is included but it is not.Drinks are also served.


How i wished i also dressed with a disney theme.

When we went there it was scorching hot.Good thing we brought umbrellas with us. As a tip, even though it is very jot, try to beat the heat by going to some rides(preferably  the shaded or the outdoor ones) because others are not too keen to go for a long queues in the early afternoon.At the end of the day, they werent able to experience a lot of rides.

My fave is mystic manor.that made me feel really disnified.It exceeded my expectations.

The disney peeps are nice.In fact, i had met a good friend there at autopia.His name is mark who happens to be converant and hospitable to the guest.

We came there at 11:30.We allotted a whole day at disneyland because they said the fireworks is a must-watch.Good thing we did not get disappointed. The set was so fantastic. I couldn’t imagine how the much they spend for such majestic lights and fireworks displays. And i began thinking,yes.the price was all worth it.


How to go: ride theMTR  red line( tsue wen line) until you reach sunny bay station.Interchange with disneyland train(you can see its mickey mouse-shaped windows.)

(For other places we have visited,

Click hereHongkong hits2)


Mt.Manalmon and Bayukbok Cave


At the top of Mt. Manalmon with Mt.Gola as the background


This is probably one of the chill climb one could get. Standing only 196masl, it already offers a good view of nature at the summit. In the northwestern side of the summit, You can already see Mt.Arayat and Mt.Gola which is just adjacent from this mountain. Actually, there’s a junction point where a trail leads to Mt.Gola. But we did not go there anymore.
The highlights of Manalmon adventure are its trekking to the summit, swimming and crossing the Madlum river through hanging bridge and monkey bridge. You can also do caving. Here are some details from pinoymountaineer.com:

San Miguel, Bulacan(Part of the historical Biak na Bato National Park)
Major jump-off: Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel
LLA: 15°15.11’N; 121°1.22′ E; 196 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: Half-day / 1 hour
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

 This event is hosted by Sir Alvin and Ms. Ann who are both admins of the Trailseeeker group page in FB. It was my first time to join them.


with the trailseekers group👍😀

I feel fulfilled with this trip because I was able to bring with me my “invictus” friends (School of nursing batch 2013). (I feel a fleeting sense of achievement and pride whenever I introduce and influence my first-timer friends in this kind of venture. )Plus i also have my ex-officemate, Ate Corie, whom I really really miss. I hope the experience had been great for all of them and that they also feel the sense of achievement i feel whenever i reach the top of the mountain.


Like I always say,you owe it to youself. You always give yourself a chance to commune with the nature. 😊


(below)Photo credits:Socorro Felicio

with Jas,Mike,Dan,Jm,Tina and Taro❤️


with kindness herself,Ate Corie!thanks!alam mo yan!

The night before this event, i researched about the place. It was actually where the tragedy of the students from a school in bulacan happened. It was supposed to be an outdoor field trip. I could not forget that sad event since it was all over the news in TV few years ago. They have emphasized how fast the water would rise when rain starts to fall.

With that in mind, i got a bit scared for my friends who are beginners to this kind of trip. But then, I prayed to the Lord for a good weather so we could enjoy this trip.I also checked for the weather forecast.I also checked some blogs about it and they said it is less likely to rain in summer so I put all my worries away.

Thank God for the good weather.Look how dry it was when we came.


This is our itinerary.(also adjusted)
3:30am meet up
4:30am ETD
8:00am Arrival at Sitio Madlum, San Miguel,Bulacan/Registration
9:00am Start of trek
10:00am summit/photo ops/rest
10:45am Start of descent
12:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00pm monkey bridge
3:00-430pm Caving at Bayukbok cave 2
5:00pm tidy up
6:00pm leave
9:00pm dinner
11:00pm arrival at QC

We were able to leave Jolibee, Farmers Cubao,our meeting place at 4:30.We reached the jump off point at about 8am.(It was traffic that time because it was the sunday before the May2016 Election.Many people are passing through NLEX so they can vote the next day.)


Parking area🚗🚕🚖🚘🚙

you have to cross this hanging bridge

Madlum River

Picnic Area.There are few food stalls and sarisari store.



This is where we waited for the others. Thanks for this tree .It sheltered is from the scorching heat of the sun.🌴🌞

Before you reach the foot of the mountain you have to pass through this.

This is where the tragedy happened but look how dry it is when we came.

There are white-colored boulder of rocks that looks the same in daraitan.




so proud of this Burger!!👫😻

That’s the summit already.took a picture of them while we wait for our turn 🙂

That is Mt.Arayat over there:)


resting and a little sunbathing🌂🌞


yey.I do not know who took this pic but. …thank so much:)





we have our own baon.Btw,you have to pay 50php when you rent this table.we were kinda taken aback because we didnt know it has a fee.😲😂😭

chillin while waiting and watching those who are doing the monkey bridge challenge. This is Jasmin and ate corie.



This is where the queue for monkey bridge starts



Hold on and have faith!As in Kapit and Tiwala lang !(

One of the highlights in our itinerary is crossing the monkey bridge.it may look as easy,but it will be challenging because you have to maintain your balance.
Well, i suggest that you pick a partner that has the same weight as yours so his weight will not affect your stance as both of you will traverse the single wire. It is better to wear your gloves here although you can survive without them.
The key here is to just chill.Literal “tiwala lang” that you will make it through.They have harnesses to assure your safety.
Even if they have harness,do your best to finish it because again you’ll have a feeling of achievement.So you will feel great.


I admit that I am really not into caving and spelunking. i feel a little claustrophobic even with the idea of it being dark.Thinking about the loss of control if ever some force majeure happened when i am inside.I am not certain how to escape.i also don’t like the idea of bats,the smell of their pee. Im also terrified that a snake might appear.

The tour guide said we would enjoy the cave because it is clean and it does not stink. So i gave in(of course,even if im a bit apprehensive.i wouldn’t want to miss this adventurous opportunity.
Prepare yourself for a 30-45min hike before you reach the mouth of the cave.

Aside from the usual hiking essentials


Bring one so you wont have to rent anymore(it costs 30php).I suggest that your light source will not be handheld so you’ll be at ease.

-Rubberized gloves (there are sharp boulders of rocks that looks the same in binacayan)i forgot to bring mine cause I didn’t think it is going to be like that.Thank God I did not have any cuts.

-Drinking water
Surprisingly,the cave was cool inside.As a heads up,you really have to work your body out so you can pass through the small holes. The cave,although moist,did not have any water streaming inside.


you can not touch the stalactite and stalagmites.

The caving experience is fun.I did not even want it to end yet.prepare to. Het dirty as you squirm into the narrow passages.
After this,we cleaned up ourselves. The ligo would cost you 20php/pax.


You can take pictures:)!


Descent from the cave.

So another day of full of fun..yehey.
I heard one friend of mine,Dan, saying that now he knows why I do this trekking mountains things. It is because the view at the summit is really nice.



I am also proud of Taro for conquering his fear of heights by being so participative in all of the activities.  


Thanks to Kuya Amang Rodrigo. I was not able to take a picture with kuya tophe,our other guide.Thanks also to the other guides who assisted us .


Well now, it depends on them If they still want to continue…

For now let me say,Mission accomplished.



11 Commandments of a joiner traveler

It has just been a year since I started joining various getaways and groups in fb such as DIY Philippines.I started  in a month of June. However, I do not exclusively belong to any particular group because I am afraid I won’t be able to commit my sched. I do not have all the time in the world and I do not always have a cash for these trips. To satisfy my happy feet, I only join or probably call some friends who are available to climb or travel with me.

Nevertheless,I am happy that  through joining I had made friends to different interesting people. (Though, I have not yet been a solo-ista because I would be somehow lucky to drag a friend with me as my buddy).So here are the golden rules that must be kept in mind when joining and  travelling.(I have combined these since these are related.)

1.Be mindful of the time⏰⏳
Tardiness will be tolerated by some organizers but consider other participants’ time as well. Imagine that the itinerary will be revised accordingly and some people or joiners still have work to catch up after the wanderlust. Make sure to consider the meeting place, your transpo, the weather and the traffic.

Also, time is gold when you visit tourist places so make sure to be at the assigned meeting place at the meeting time so you won’t end uplimiting  your time for the next destination.⌚️ You might regret that you wasted the time for waiting for some people.It is better to wait than being the only person to be waited. #mejVIP😭😭😭

2.Bring your own baon(B.Y.O.B.)/things 🎒

Do not be “buraot” or a parasite that will compromise your host,or shall I say friends. Make sure that you bring your essential things with you. Prepare a checklist so you won’t forget anything. Let me highlight personal medications,medkit and some survival items. It would be nice to share but keep in mind that your fellow travellers also have budgeted the things they carry too,especially when it comes to consummable items. “Kung tipid ka,tipid din sila.”
Usual issues: Sunblock, food, water, powerbanks haha 💼👜

3.Bring Extra Money/Break your money👛💵💰💶💳💸

Just in case you left something or there is a need to buy stuff, it is important you can pull some cash out of your wallet. It is also better if you break your bill or bring lesser denomination of your money so you won’t have trouble with waiting for your change.

Sometimes, looking for ATM machine is tedious unless you have a friend who can immediately convert himself as your ATM machine and cover your expenses in the mean time.
As much as possible avoid “utangs”. Or borrowing moneyBut sometimes,it is inevitable because you were so enticed with the local products at the souvenir shop and you suddenly hoard for more pasalubongs.(I know. I know.I understand😂)
4. Pack light👑🙋

This is somehow related to number 2 ,B.Y.O.B,but make sure you do not bring your whole house or ref with you. Just bring the things you will be needing.
Do not be “pabebe” and expect some gentleman to carry your bag for you.  If you are not used to this and you want to try, be willing to carry your bag  for yourself.

While some mountaineers/ participants/  trail guide will offer help to you, it is best that you carry it for yourself so you won’t make their trip hassle unless you are willing to give some tips.

5,Prepare you OOTD’s 💃👗🎽👙
You can repeat clothes especially shorts and pants:). Make sure you know the weather forecast for your days so you can prepare your appropriate wardrobe. 🌂👢👡

Wear proper footware and attire. There can be different attires based on the theme,especially for those who are up for photo-ops.But for whatever it is worth, consider that this is also for your own safety and convenience. “Mahirap ang tiis-ganda”.✌️ Mother nature can be both hospitable and aggressive to those who want to meet her. The thing is she can be unpredictable so always be prepared to whatever foreseeable natural events.🚣

6.Research about your destination.🌇🌅🌃🗽🌉🚢🎢

Be informed. Do not be a blind traveler or else you will get totally lost. And it would be easy for con men to fool you. You know,It is not expected that you would know everything about the place but at least take time to learn something so you would fully maximize your experience
Ex: Weather,culture the picture-perfect spots, must-try activites,must-eat

7. Be ready for your project smile

It would be really cool to take photos of the sceneries especially  now that everybody seems to believe that if it is not instagrammed,it didnt happen.Anyway,I know you have your own selfie pod or camera but do not be haughty to others.
Also,Be ready to share your smile or take a photo of some people’s smile.Offer yourself to take a picture of a family or a couple,or someone who is alone.Who knows if that person will be your forever?💑❤️hahaha.I am telling you It is a random act of kindness that people appreciate. 👏🙏I just hope they wouldn’t abuse your genuine heart and make you their personal photographer though.(Know your way out.Halt!!!✌️)📷📹🎥
Project smile would also include keeping up the good vibes so you won’t spoil the entire experience. Always try to be positive and look for the brighter side when some #epicfail moments happen.🙉🙊🙈

8.Share what you have.
Yes, this is somehow contradiciting with BYOB.Yes, i know you budgeted your things or probably you have some extra-ish with you.But, it is always nice to be that someone who becomes a heaven sent for someone who is in need; a candle in the dark. People have different stories so do not be quick to judge. They must have some reason. But whatever it is, Sharing is always caring and another act of kindness.

(But, still beware of the parasites/toxic people.If you know,what i mean. You know,in a world like this,it is somehow hard to be kind when everything else seems to be so unfair and disgusting.#hugotToTheWorld)

However,Sharing is not only limited to  materialistic things. Share something about yourself.To what extent?it depends on the degree of disclosure you are comfortble with. It could be something about you or you do, a new discovery or itinerary etc.

9.Do not be possessive of the experience.👀🙊👌🙇

Why did I say this?You might have appreciated the scenery and the set up of the nature that you want to bring it home. However, do not take something or destroy it. That is why you should just TAKE NOTHING BUT ONLY PICTURES.🌷🌸🌻🌺

Now, we are again talking about taking pictures again. (And who doesn’t love taking photos whether you are on it or not.) There are some parts of your destination that are….hmm,let us say, they have “Picture-perfect” spot and you  might have spent all the time of the day to take your selfies in all angles that are possible  as if you have rented the place. ✌️😂😭(Haha..Can you relate? That is exaggerated.But you know what i mean. ) I am a little guilty about this.If you are to do a mini photoshoot of yours and there is a long queue, be a little sensitive of the time. And probably go to somewhere that is less crowded

10.Make sure you are sure.

Do not enlist or reserve a slot if you are not sure to come. Do not back out last minute. There are reservation,bookings and payment that has been made for you before the event. The organizer must have shelled out money for that. Also, Other people who also want to join may have been left out since you were able to reserve before them.

11.Have fun.👯
Do not forget to have fun:))

I am not perfect that is why i also make this as a note to self✌️

This also depends  on how many times you have  been with the group but in the spirit of respect all pf these are applicable.


Grand Duchess Cafe

Would you believe that we found this hangout place in SM san mateo? At first you wouldn’t notice it because you might think it is expensive but worry no more.This new cafe offers yummy but not so sweet doughnuts  and unli swirl Yoge(yogurt +gelato) will satisfy  your cravings  for dessert for a  reasonable price.  
  There are only 2 branches of this according  to the food server .One is here in sm san mateo and the other one is in santa mesa(if i am not mistaken)

the interior. you can see the ice cream machine on the left area.




they told me to swirl as much as i can.Can you believe that?it is only 65php.they have different flavors :matcha,salted caramel,original,hazelnut and cheesecake. There are 3sizes of cup:petit ,moyen and grande

So next time you drop by at this area,make sure you try this cafe.

(Sorry.i wqs not able to put the prices)


Burias Group of Island and Alibijaban





May 13-15

It was a night of friday-the-thirteenth. contrary to the superstition  of its bad luck,  nothing could ever hinder my mini vacay as I look forward to my 1st beach outing this summer after my second sem. I am so excited to see this Burias group of islands and Alibijaban. Lately, I had been seeing a lot of reviews saying it is nice so I immediately signed up for this assembled tour by Miss Rich in DIY. 

  I was so decided to see it for myself so I dragged Taro as my buddy.(It was his 1st time to camp out this far and with me.)

I did not know that masbate was already near visayas until we looked at it on the map after our trip. So, i still suggest that it is better to complete your research before going to a new place.Haha.)

There are different islands you can see during the boat ride. But here are some of them that we have visited: Sombrero island, Animasola,Tinalisayan island and sandbar and Alibijaban.


Expect 7-8 hours of trip. (It depends on the speed of driving,of course).If you have motion sickness, it is a usual that you take your Bonamin(Meclizine).But in my case, I wish I had taken one. Even though I am used of riding long trips, I really felt dizzy upon going there especially 2-3hrs before reaching San Andres Port. I was sleeping most of the duration of the trip. Make sure you have padded your windows so you will not bump your head into it while sleeping (Like what happened to me.) because there are bumpy roads, sharp curves and zigzag.
Bring Pillow or headrest with you.(I brought a comforter and headrest.hihi)But still, i felt a bit restless.Haha.


-It was fairly clean except for the stinky toilet rooms. The floor was also wet and muddy. I hope that they would maintain its cleanliness though because it is supposed to be a “comfort” room and it is going to be a plus points for Tourism.

-Although the weather is fine and the sea has calm waves, i suggest that you waterproof your bags or its interior if you want to assure that the contents would not be wet. (
You may use garbage bags.You probably know that already.)
-Foodie.There are also food stalls and eatery outside the port. We tried Frank’s,their version of Angel’s burger and burger machine.
-Since the water at the island is expensive, you can take a bath at the houses of locals outside the port. Ligo with unli water will cost you 20php.
(Plus points because it is more tipid.)


The sea was calm so we reached the campsite at Sombrero Island in less than 2hours. It was earlier than expected. There are different islands you can see during the trip.


CAMPING(Sombrero island)


So we reached this place. The sand is white although it is not as fine as in bora or panglao.You may see the sombrero -shaped island on the right side as you approach the island.That probably suggested the name.

 Our organizer said that the these 2 seemingly separated island are connected before and collectively known as such.

In the beachfront were open and close kubos(nipa huts) that can be rented. There in front of the cottage cottage is where we also assembled our tent(which is already included in our package).


Goodmorning Burias!

Just in case you forget to bring some basic items with you, a makeshift store is available nearby. They have coffee, drinks,chips and local booze. There are also toiletries. (I bought my toothpaste there.)

Photo credits:Taro burger    



 Two of the must-bring’s in this place are powerbanks and drinking water since the island has no electricity and no available potable drinking water.If you wish to charge your gadgets, you have to wait for the night as generator will be activated. However, you have to pay for it.

The water for regular usage is also gold.it will costs you 50php/gallon. So Make sure you maximize it. Also,the usage of restroom is 15php. You no longer need to pay if you won’t  use water.It is costly since they have to get the water from the mainland. So,if you have a tight budget,just like what i told you earlier,you can just dry yourself up and bathe with unli water in the port as you return on the next day.


©Pedro Malaya



I suggest that you really wear aqua shoes because there are some parts that are really rocky and you would not really enjoy if you are  going to think that you will probably get wounded by them. i really wished we had more time to stay on each of the island.

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