Of scholarships and sponsorships







“Study hard.Do your best.Aim high.After all of these,you owe me nothing. Just find someone who you can help and pay for.”


These words echo in my head a hundred times that day up to now.This is from someone whom I really look up to. Not just because of the monetary support for my dream to become MD or doctor;but because of her genuine understanding for others. These words,though non-verbatim,will forever strike my heart. Ignited as I am,i would be much more willing to pass this message to other aspirants who i shall be meeting soon.

Life is indeed unfair.Every one knows that enrolling to Doctor of medicine costs a lot. But a lot of people fail to realize is how much the parents/relative of an aspirant,who is from a low to medium income family, sacrificing just to get him or her to medschool. Most of the times, the dreamer who doesn’t have the money, even the brilliant ones, will just scrap the idea off. Some will start but can no longer continue.

Some are insistent to find ways. Some who are bright enough will apply for scholarships. However, since there is a scarcity of financial resources from those who give it, there must be a qualification and requirement for the pool of the brightest applicants. With this, Some may fall short or some may fail to maintain or attain the grade. The question is:What will happen next to them? Will they just scrap off the idea as well? Just imagine how sad and frustrating it is to feel the desire to dream but you don’t have the means of attaining it!

Not everyone who has the capacity to help has the heart to extend himself to others. Not everyone who has opportunity are willing to take their time to empower others. Sometimes,those who have a lot seems to be more indifferent and neglect those who ask for their help. But still, even if there are millions of reasons that can make you believe that life here on earth is unfair and hopeless, there will still be people who will leave you in awe because of their kindness that emanate from the goodness of their soul. There will be people who care and are willing to help through sponsorship. I am very much delighted that there are those who initiate to raise funds for the aspirants.

If you happen to find this kind of person,consider yourself lucky. More than the pressure,take it as a motivation so you can also be of great help to someone when your turn comes. Do your best in your chosen field. Inspire. Make others believe that despite the worlds’s indifference and greed,there is still a  hope if they continue to believe. Be an instrument of God’s wonders. Be someone’s answer to their prayers.

I have No other words but “gratitude” to describe the overwhelming feeling i have. I can’t contain the tears of joy as I am already sure that I can enroll next sem.

To those who have the same dillemma of getting the MD’s golden ticket, continue on doing your best,exhaust all your effort and keep on praying that you will find a find a way. More than anything else,have faith and Trust His plans.

To those people who are helping others to make a bridge to their dreams, even outside medical field,let me say “thank you from the bottom of my heart” on their behalf. This means a lot to us. 

 Rewards await for those who do not seek for it and yet they help with all their heart. 

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