“It” is not just about being smart at all

14285232_10206870481628511_49427618_ogfdgdgMost of the time, we get to hear that those who are above intelligence will make it above anyone else. Bam! Blame it on society who only recognizes people with soaring high grades since preschool. But mind you, that is a different story, but there’s nothing wrong with that. When you were young, you’re whole life revolved only in school.

If there’s nothing wrong with that,then why still make fuss about it? The issue here is that if we have fixed the thought down to the deepest sulci of  our brains, it is them and only them who can make it in life. Seeing them from the viewpoint of the audience during graduation and recognition rites tend to make us feel small. Then we get sad and we resort to “matalino ka naman, kaya mo yan” attitude and “matalino ka, ikaw pa. Eh ako?” of some sort to glorify these kind of people. After that, we crawl back into our shells thinking that we can’t make it. We should remove that from our mentality. Even when you are smart, it doesn’t guarantee you success. So do not ever lose the spirit! That is the only thing that you have.

Based on what I’ve read, there are those who have sky -high IQ and yet are living plainly just like everyone else.  What must be the missing factor then? That’s why I alienate it to the things people have to be. Don’t strive to be a smart ass or a know-it-all, because eventually you’ll grow tired trying. It’s still best to be yourself, and the rest should follow through. But think smart, act smart and eventually you will be the best in your own field. Right now, I don’t have anything else in mind to translate this one Filipino word to. This, in my opinion, is the best tool or mantra that accounts why we strive everyday despite the hardships and troubles. Expected or unexpected, that’s what we are getting. This word is “Madiskarte”. I can probably say, become strategic rather than smart because being smart is just an understatement.

Diskarte is also a big word. But i can nearly equate it is as “matalino sa buhay” or smart in life, which is different from the kind of book-smart that we all know. Of course, I do not discredit intelligence as part of success since there are different kinds of intelligence. It will give you some leverage. While being smart is a bonus, it is not the only factor that will make you become who you want or get what you want in life. Most of the time, it is the belief on one self that makes us survive.

Too often, we belittle ourselves from our failures that we retract ourselves from the world and get depressed. Yes, it is okay to take your time to heal the hurt. But do not prolong it. Move on right away. Move on as fast as possible. Why? Because you are not a sessile being, You are designed to move to on one place to another. So, Move with your belief in yourself and from then, bring back the concept of “diskarte” or strategy within you, for it will not only make you book smart but “smart in life”.

You see, we are actually far stronger and even smarter than what we think we are. Yes, you have weaknesses. You may not have the trait of another person, but you have something in you. The key is to not forget that God gave us potential that no other people can take away.

We have “it” in all of us. “It” is not just about being smart at all. Whatever is the “it”, discover it, enrich it. Take “it” with you as your armor and weapon when you conquer life. “IT” does not have to have a label. “IT” does not have to a term for itself. But this “IT” will speak for your success.