Iwahig firefly watching 

Lights off please! 🙂 Take a moment to enjoy the light from the fireflies 🙂

Out of curiosity and recommendation from a good friend I met in FB, Mr. Bryan Dejarme, I made way to include this on my bucket list in short notice. I barely knew what to expect since I did not see much pictures of fireflies (later on you will know why). Also I found only a handful of blogs regarding this, and all I’ve read were words such as “magical”, “romantic” and “wonderful”.

I was afraid that I would not be able to experience this because some people said that the event required pre-registration, and I was unable to do that. On the other hand, some people also said that they allow walk-ins. So we braved and did the latter. I AM TELLING YOU NOW, IT IS WORTH IT!:))


So how did we get there?

Coming from Mitra’s Ranch, we asked a tricycle driver, Kuya Randy, on how to get to Iwahig (the firefly place). He charged us P700 (we haggled from P800, and that was for the me and Taro). According to my research, each person would cost P200, but that’s just one way. So you have to double it for a 2-way trip. I personally think it was just okay since he dropped us at Palawan Village Hotel, on our place of accommodation. Plus,he was nice to us. 🙂


When we met kuya Randy as he was servicing (as in driving) some customers at Baker’s hill and Mitra’s ranch, so he had to drop them first and fetch us afterwards. It turns out he has a contact in Iwahig Firefly Watching, which was great since he got to registered us right away. That time it was still around 5pm, but the show would start at 7pm. So he suggested that we eat our dinner first in the buffet so that we will be just on time.


“I’m free!!”-As we passed through this, I requested kuya Randy to slow down because I would first take a picture. I did not expect that we will really have to stop and stand in front of it. Haha. Mom said, It is our version of “Alcatraz”.


Very artsy.. The only fireflies we had taken pictures of




Information and Registration area. One boat ride for firefly watching costs 600php and it can accommodate 3 persons. Since we’re only 2 people, we paid 300 each.



Waiting time

As I’ve said, the start of event is at 7pm. We arrived at the venue around 6:30pm. We opted not to eat at the buffet because we were still full from Baker’s hill. We were number 22 on the list, and were included in the 2nd batch. There were a total of 12-14 boats(?) in the water. While waiting for our turn, we had to apply off lotion insect repellent. They were sold in the area for 15php/sachet. So if you do not want to buy, you might want to include this on your “To-bring list”.



The tour runs for about 30 mins. The only thing that you would see aside from the pitch black surroundings are the sparkle from the fireflies in the mangroves, the sparkle from the trees and the stars up above the vast sky. Thank God for the perfect weather and we were able to see a lot of stars, some planets such as Jupiter and Saturn (visible that night), and the Milky Way Galaxy even. It was so relaxing.  The sky was clear enough to show the various constellations like the Big Dipper and Scorpio. It turned into a giant planetarium, and that surprised me. .“Sarap tumambay doon.” It was also my first time to see a Shooting star.


While waiting for our boat to arrive


There was something that I did not disclose to those that were with me that time. I was actually a bit anxious because of the fact that it was dark. You know that itsy bitsy anxiety when you can’t see anything, and the fear that something might happen. Though I was able to calm up my nerves after a short while after the tour started. The whole trip was just very calming and relaxing. The boats were only moving on paddles, so no noise from the motors as well. (As long as you’re sitting still and wearing your lifevest, there really is nothing to be afraid of.

They did however mention that there were snakes: walo-walo (poisonous mangrove snakes which were colored black and yellow), Philippine pitviper and king cobras. The boat doesn’t come near the trees anyway so there is a low possibility that the snake would come in contact to you. But did you know that these snakes are also important? They are part of ecological balance. They are predators of tree frogs, which happens to be the predator of the fireflies. So in essence, fireflies exists when snakes exist.

There was also light underwater.  It came from Bioluminous planktons or dinoflaggelates, and their presence indicated that the water was clean. I can imagine myself glowing if I had dipped in the waters. Like the fireflies, they were very minute and difficult to capture with the camera. So sadly, they are also “For our eyes only” :).

Because of sir Jason’s vast knowledge with the environment, I have learned that the light from the fireflies and planktons came from a biochemical processes known as Bioluminescence. The light is being emitted in the living organism through the action of the oxidative enzyme luciferase being coverted to luciferin. As long as there is an ample source of oxygen, the fireflies and plankton will be able to undergo this process, thus making them an indicator of a healthy environment. It is also good to note that the same process applies with glowsticks, and once the stick no longer produces light, it means the oxygen inside the stick has already been consumed.



With sir jason! He’s just so awesome! Thanks so much for the wonderful experience, the knowledge that you have imparted, for answering all our queries, and for the safe boat ride. I wish I could have written notes but it was really dark. haha

Thanks to sir Jason for refreshing my mind, and for providing me all the nice-to-knows. I won’t say everything though, otherwise that would be like tattling everything that the people of the tour had to offer , and you won’t be as enticed to go there anymore. haha. But believe me, you will appreciate it more when you experience it for yourself. Sir Jason was also able to answer all our questions. It was just so spontaneous, like he was able to give the “nice to knows” while we were just talking and have a casual conversation. So I’ll give him an A for that!!haha..

Upon his mentioning of the life cycle and the threats to life in the firefly, he was able to make a hugot: ”Kung ano pa yung mganda, siya pa yung mabilis mawala”. He also added ”bakit di nalang ipis o bangaw” which is true in the real world. “Mahirap daw maging firefly”.


Too bad, it was blurred. But thank you guys!All of you are also awesome.


In case you were wondering, I did not mistakenly include this Photo! I’m telling you, that I intentionally put this here to challenge you to take pictures of the fireflies. We caught 3 of them (look at the 3 rice-grain-sized specks of light).

The fireflies reacted to Led lights only. Their eyesight is very sensitive, and are able to respond to the light from a very distant source. However, they cannot be captured by simple cameras.  Our camera had green light on it. Sir Aries, the person who briefed us before the tour, said that there is a possibility that they will be stimulated by this light. Maybe that was the reason why we were (barely) able to capture some pictures of the fireflies.

They said that some phone cameras such as Iphone 7’s or nexus’ can capture pictures of the fireflies. Just know it though, that it really is difficult to take photos of them. One reason why it’s so difficult is because in the dark, you normally have to captureimages in long exposure. You cannot do it in the tour’s set up because the boat is constantly moving. But if you are really interested in getting footage of the fireflies, then that may require more preparation. They mentioned that a team from natGeo visited before, and were succesful in capturing images of the fireflies. They had arrangements and a little paperwork done (plus there must be an extra fee.)


With Sir Aries, a.k.a Aristotle Socrates (Yes that’s his name!) One of  the super awesome persons in Iwahig firefly watching. There was never a dull moment during the waiting time because of his funny puns while relaying the house rules to us! I am telling you, he is funny. Hope to meet you again soon, sir!

Overall, It was truly a wonderful experience. It’s one of those adventures that is meant to be enjoyed in tranquility and serenity, without the pressure of taking lots of pictures. You just need to listen to nature, appreciate it on its own, learn or relearn the ecological importance of the ecosystem, and experience the vibe of the whole ride. It somehow awakened the little biologist side of me. (Biologist friends, don’t get mad me. Don’t say I’m feelingera, pls. Haha!!)


So friends, You might want to try this as well:))







Puerto Princesa DIY Day Tour

Because every journey has a story to tell…

Our flight was 10:55am and we just commuted all the way to NAIA T3 via MRT and airport shuttle bus.

Our major trip is headed to El Nido,but we decided to tour Puerto princesa for 2 days. We allotted our first day for our City tour which usually costs 550 per head. However, we challenge ourselves to do a DIY.


Day 1 DIY City tour

Day 2 Honda bay

11:25pm ETD to Puerto Princesa

12:55pm ETA

1:00-1:30pm Checked in at our accom, Rest (Palawan Village hotel, we just booked in agoda)

3:00pm Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

3:15pm Plaza Cuartel

3:30pm Baywalk

4:30pm Baker’s hill

5:00pm Mitra’s Ranch

7:00-9:00pm Iwahig Firefly Watching

10:00pm  Back to accom

We just chose to go to places we are really curious about due to the limited time. We did not go to their Crocodile Park anymore; and, They also have this Amazing image which shows an image of Jesus. We also skipped Underground River because we did not have much time left for this and it is more pricey than the other tours. I think it costs around 1650,plus they have environmental fee. Probably next time if our time permits us, we will see this one of the world’s wonders.

Kuya tricycle driver asked us if we want to stop by somewhere, to eat dinner or watch the Baragatan Festival event in the Provincial capitol. We would have wanted to experience this however we decided to go straight to our accom since we were really exhausted.


New Puerto Princesa Airport


This Airport trike Ride costs 70php. At first, the driver told us that the ride was 100 but we haggled for it. During the short ride, the driver asked us regarding our stay and told us about what puerto princesa has to offer. They seemed to be accustomed to promote their tours which I think is also good.

Palawan Village Hotel


This accommodation is along Rizal Avenue and it is just near the old airport. However, from the new airport, the airport trike driver still needs to drive a little more

This is the pavilion with TV, fans and dining tables inside. This is where we had our breakfast.

Taro Checking in!!


It has a sliding door!


Look who welcomed us- a BUNNY!!



The Long table-a wifi area


View from outside




The counter inside  the pavilion.(next day)



One reason why we chose this place is that they have free breakfast. We did’t need to go out and think what we were going to eat in the AM. They made us chose between Filipino breakfast(what we chose) and Continental breakfast(bread,butter and jam.)



Btw, we booked  this room with fan in Agoda and costs us 350php each.

We decided to have our own DIY trip instead of availing a tour package.Why? 1)The usual city tour starts at 1. We just landed by that time. 2) We would like to try to roam around their city just like the locals. 3)We are trying to cut expenses. 4) We want to have our own itinerary. So after a little rest, we grabbed our cameras and bags and went ahead.




Immaculate Concepcion/Cathedral


From Palawan Village hotel along the Rizal Avenue, we rode a trike(15php/pax) going to this church. (I like visiting churches whenever I go to a place. It is always a “must-visit”. ) This is our first stop. We couldn’t really roam around at the place because there was a wedding scheduled.However, it did not stop us from saying Thanks to the Lord for making our trip possible.





The facade was still under renovation that time





Plaza Cuartel


This looks like a usual historical park. If you get to know about this place more, you will find it horrifying. 



The view you will see upon entering




Not far from the church and Plaza Cuartel is their baywalk. Some may choose to walk but we still rode a tricycle(P8/pax) to save time and to save ourselves from the raging heat of the sun.

There are only few people we have seen. Probably it is because of the time, it was so hot that we did not also stay for long.

Bikes can be rented.

We tried to find some water and snacks in the area but there was none.Although, there was an eatery near the entrance, there was no bottled water.So, we walked our way out and found a store nearby. We also asked about directions for our next itinerary is Baker’s hill and Mitra Ranch.

How did we go there?

1.From the arch of the baywalk, we walked straight and found a store. We rode a multicab near that store.  There are two routes we can choose from: One going to Irawan and one going to Santa Monica. We rode Irawan because it was the first cab to have arrived (12php/pax). Tell the driver to drop you at Sta.Monica,Baker’s hill.

2.From there ride a trike, going inside.(10php/each)

Click here to see DIY day tour 2

Iwahig Firefly Watching


Rz Asks: “If today you meet yourself as a young medical student…”

Before doctors became who they are now, they had become medical students. As you see,no successful doctor can ever skip the tedious medical school package of fun and dilemmas. Hmmm, Ever wonder what they are thinking back then? Like them, you probably snapped, “If only I knew this and that…I would have..”

So I asked some doctors I know. Because of that, I received various reactions regarding this. Nonetheless, no one was hesitant to give their opinions. And for that, Thank you doctors for giving us your time and for imparting your words of wisdom:)

Related image


The question goes like this :If today you meet yourself as a young medical student, what advice can you give to yourself to better prepare yourself for the boards and future practice?

Let us see and learn from their answers:)



Image result for lewis meets cornelius


I diligently did the studying part so i don’t have to advice myself on that. I will tell myself to humbly ask questions on things i do not understand, to truly understand concepts and not just memorize facts. To go beyond the prescribed books and read more. To constantly update yourself on new things

-Dr. Jocelyn Quinto Gacasan, Department of  Pathology

Equally divide your time when studying the subjects. But the best way to prepare for the boards is during med school. The answers you will shedding out during the exam actually came from the knowledge you have acquired during med school which you stored in the memory bank of your brain cells. The purpose of studying prior to the boards is to review and be refreshed with what you’ve learned during the 3-year didactic period.

-Dr. Lylah D. Reyes, Department of Pharmacology, Dept of OBGYNE


I was fortunate to have great mentors who emphasized that medical life is ruled by numbers: NMAT score, medical school GWA and rank, board rating. So in 2nd year I read Robbins cover to cover, because i love patho. I did read other Mama books. Medical school is the time to read the big books because you will never have the time to read on it during clerkship and internship. I’m glad by doing so I had a good foundation. When I got into clerkship and internship it was all about integrating the theoretical part with actual patients.As for board review.. its all written in my article.

-Dr.Thad Hinunganan (Read more here )


“The only regret i have is that i studied only to pass the exams and be able to graduate which is short term only”

-Dr. J.Pablo


1) Start reviewing JI pa lang. 2 subjects per 2 months.
2) Review ulit during PGI. 2 subjects per 2 months.

-Dr. Ronald Allan cruz,Dept. of Physiology


Well. . .when I entered Medicine I am fully aware it is a tough course. But I didn’t know it is really “Herculean” if I may describe it. Graduating with Latin honor and with several other awards made me confident enough that I will land on one of those Latin honors. But as I hurdled my first few shiftings and my First Prelim. . . .I felt I know nothing. So, I devised a prayer inspired by The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. “Lord, let me remember the important things I will need to take care of and heal my patients.” This was inspired as well by the question when we were interviewed “Why Do You Want To Be a Physician?” And the answer is soooooo cliche’ “Because I wanted to help the people in need on medical attention.”

So How Can I prepare myself as early as first year for the Boards. . . .that is if you are really serious of becoming a Medical Doctor (M.D.)


  1. YOU SHOULD have that inspiration. . .(am not referring to your lovelife. Dig up on your real reason why you really want to become a MD) so YOU COULD always see difficult situations as a challenge and that it will make you a better doctor.
  2. YOU SHOULD never be afraid to tell yourself you do not know or do not understand . . . so YOU COULD always improve yourself and ask others’ help and by that you learn.
  3. YOU SHOULD NEVER be afraid of terror professors. . . .they wanted you to learn. . .so YOU COULD ask them things you do not know.
  4. YOU SHOULD always be inquisitive and never limit yourself on knowledge provided to you by your professors during lecture.. . .seek informations, the idea/s of your professors maybe obsolete and you can contribute in updating them. Just ask politely. . .SO YOU COULD enrich everybody’s minds.
  5. YOU SHOULD NOT depend on transes (transcriptions) they are just guide, they do not give all the ideas (transes are just a short term plan and that is to pass the semester) instead read from books So YOU COULD better understand them when correlated.
  6. YOU SHOULD always correlate basic (Physio, Patho, Anatomic bases, etc) and clinical (Pharma, Medicine, Surgery, etc.) sciences when discussing cases SO YOU COULD answer your board exams in the future. Remember questions on Physician Licensure Examinations outcomes – based now-a-days, so correlation are basic in test question constructions.
  7. YOU SHOULD not take all subjects (Major and minor) for granted (all of these are part of board examinations) SO YOU WOULD not regret if they are asked in the board exams.
  8. YOU SHOULD not frown and despise difficult questions. . .they are challenges if you really have understand your topic/s and besides patients are not MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) when they enter your clinics later on. . . .SO YOU WOULD not have hard time analyzing questions in the medical boards. . .remember . . .practice makes perfect, it is like doing appendectomy several times but with twists in every case.
  9. YOU SHOULD not forget SAMPLEX (sample exams) – YES SAMPLEX. . . but remember to answer them when you finished studying. They are hints on how questions are asked in different ways. . . .SO YOU COULD answer similar questions confidently.
  10. YOU SHOULD only stick on one book when studying. . .basic concepts are similar in all books, they would only differ in presentations and additional informations maybe given during lectures or discussion . . . SO YOU WOULD not get confused in the future.
  11. YOU SHOULD always listen to your proctor during examinations. . .it is a practice of listening skills during actual board exams. . .SO YOU WOULD not have issues on not following instructions in the boards. There are several examinees who contested on their scores on a particular subject to find out later on that they did not follow instructions.
  12. YOU SHOULD practice answering 100 item questions in 60 minutes (even if it is supposedly 100 minutes) SO YOU COULD practice yourself answering questions fast but correctly. Make sure it is not only fast but CORRECT. It is just a training in the field on medicine that you think fast in difficult situations so your patient may live.
  13. YOU SHOULD not forget to socialiize not only with your schoolmates but with other medical students from other universities as well SO YOU COULD get some hints on how does a certain board examiner make questions. . .remember that board exam questions are given by Board of Medicine who are not from your school of origin. If they are then you know how they make questions.
  14. YOU SHOULD not forget to have your leisurely activities / hobbies SO YOU COULD cope with the stress/es of TOPping the medical boards.
  15. YOU SHOULD aim high like be on the top 10 SO YOU COULD still pass even when you did not land in the top 10 places. Remember you studied to be on top.
  16. YOU SHOULD know how to budget your time and follow them. Discipline is one key to success not only in Medicine but in all aspects of life. SO YOU WOULD not cram every exams including your board exams.
  17. YOU SHOULD always review your notes the night after every lecture. . .reading them the 2nd, 3rd, nth times may mean differently. . . SO YOU WOULD not cram the night before your examination.
  18. YOU SHOULD attend on ALL cases and case conferences, they will provide you with informations the books may and may not provide you. SO YOU COULD end up browsing these cases fast when you are reviewing. You just wanted to refine your knowledge about these cases because as the saying in medicine goes “Once you see it, You will never forget it.”
  19. YOU SHOULD share your knowledge to everyone you know SO YOU WOULD not forget them. Remember . . .listening to lectures makes you retain 5% only but when you teach. . .it will make you retain >80%.
  20. YOU SHOULD always ask the assistance of the ALMIGHTY SO YOU WOULD feel you are not alone. When necessary. . .CRY, yes CRY to someone you know who will listen to you or SHOUT in an open field. It will help you vent out stress.


So . . . .In Summary 1. LOAD – learn as much as you can starting first year and do not forget them. 2. DISCIPLINE – set a time table and follow them. 3. VALOR – Fight. As the saying goes . . .”Ang Umaayaw ay Di Nagwawagi.” 4. Read one book per subject. Reading too many books will just confuse you and make you panic. 5. Test yourself by taking your SAMPLEX. Do not cheat on yourself by knowing the answers ahead. If you got low, review again. 6. Should I say. . .SLEEP? Sleep at least 4 hours before an exam. Remember Parasympathetic will rejuvenate your body and will make you feel relaxed on the day of examination. 7. PRAY. Just Pray. GOD helps those who help themselves.

-Dr. Leandro D. Vila, Department of Physiology

(This post is being updated from time to time:)


Wishing,Hoping, Praying

How many times did we ask God to be in favor of us? How many times did we ask God and He answered “yes”?

Recently, I asked 2 things for my birthday. I asked him about my school and for my an easy approval documents. (Of course, it is not just about those; but, those are the 2top issues I had that day) Although, I exerted all the effort that I could given the circumstances, I know that there is something lacking . I felt i was inadequate enough to the point that there is a larger chance for it to have a negative result.

Then there was waiting time.Of course, with every second of the clock there are also millions of people praying .I may not know how He concentrate on our wishes.But, One thing is for sure, he listens. And He does not fail to deliver. My 2 wishes has been granted, And I could not be thankful enough.



However though, I sometimes think that I’ve been receiving a lot of “yes”. More than the things I am elated about, I am afraid, anxious and scared with the fact that someday He will answer me “No”. That someday when I really need it, He would answer me “No”. Of course, there can’t only be a “yes” in this world. Do you know that feeling when you are happy but you cannot be 100%happy because you know something bad could be brewing alongside with that. How ungrateful am I? The Lord has been good for me. Of course,I feel happy but that is also me thinking about the reality. Do you feel this too? When those things hurdle at the back of my mind, I revert to them by saying to myself,”Just be happy for now and …




Don’t get me wrong. I also had received a series of No’s. I feel disappointed,frustrated and annoyed for that moment in time. I would ask the “Whys?”. I will say “Unfair”. I will question “How did that happen when I…”But after that moment, as long as I keep my mind open, I realize that He has a better plan. He moves in amazing ways. Ways that we could not even imagine as possible. Things go in proper order. An order that is in accordance to His will.

You know what I think? The reason why we sometimes receive a different Yes and No from what we expect iis that those answers can also mean a lot to the people around us. That it may cause adjustments in our haywired lives. There is always a reason for everything. (Even the “nothing” word has a thing on it. )

When I pray I always extend it to others, then I will say “Let your will be done”. Because the more I think my problem gets more complexed. And then I will sigh and say “yes,Lord Let your will be done”. After all, this life is yours and not ours.


Above are my favorite God’s word that comfort me every time I am troubled. Whenever I am praying, I always remind myself that things will happen in God’s time. Indeed. We find comfort in His words. It makes us think that we don’t really need to worry alone.

Is there anything that you wish right now? Make sure you pray and Lift it up to the Lord:)


Study medicine for free?!:)


Are you aspiring to be a doctor but you have no money for tuition fee?

Good news. Just this week, I heard that the current government has allocated ₱317.1-million student financial assistance fund for 2017 through the efforts of CHED and DBM.(You probably heard it too.) After seeing the word “student”,which means attention is also drawn towards the education aside from the budget allocated to military and defense, I could not help but be delighted knowing that there is a also a good vision towards the support of doctor “wannabes” in our country.

I am not sure how will they choose the scholars to win the golden MD ticket but they said It is for the incoming and currently enrolled medical students beginning academic year 2017-2018.(Does that mean all of them?Wow! I wish this will be sustained.) These are the requirements they need to satisfy in order To qualify for the assistance fund:

1. Pass the admission requirements of the SUC

2. Enroll in an authorized Doctor of Medicine program of the SUC

3. Maintain a general weighted average of at least a passing grade(imagine that, they said it is just passing grade,if you know what I mean)

4. Carry a regular academic load and complete the degree within the period allowed in the university

The vision is not only limited to subsidize the tuition of medical students but also to facilitate their residency and practice in this country. CHED Commissioner Prospero De Vera De Vera said student-grantees will also have to render one year of service in the country for every year of cash grant received as part of their public service responsibility. It is not surprising to know that there are paybacks. Doctors after graduation and post graduate internship usually still stay in the Philippines to practice (unless they really have plans to go abroad right after. )

The fund will be divided among eight SUCs:

  • University of Northern Philippines
  • Mariano Marcos State University
  • Cagayan State University
  • Bicol University
  • West Visayas State University
  • University of the Philippines-Leyte
  • Mindanao State University
  • University of the Philippines-Manila


With this movement of the admin, we can see that there is an encouragement for young Filipinos to care for the health of the nation– to become doctors. Indeed, a healthy citizenry,which includes us, is important in nation-building as we become part of the productive workforce. I just hope the educational system per state university will not be substandard and that there will be no corruption so the budget will be properly allocated.


Some people hold the mentality that medicine are just limited for the rich, and “can afford” Even if the medicine tuition fee is sky high, it is surprising to know that there are still many applicants in medicine schools every year. There are people, company and community groups who are generous enough to offer sponsorship and scholarships. Good for them.

Sometimes there are those family who are not really poor but it is just that their money is not that enough to send their child to medicine. Some would be able to start but not able to sustain medicine. The Tuition fee subsidy is already a big help. Considering that there are also other things that need to be paid for such as books, uniforms, supplies for the various requirements. (Need not to mention the laptop, internet and medical kits). I hope that soon there will be more schools that will be under this .


Lucky are those who are able to get academic scholarships although they have to maintain a high grade to persuade their benefactor that they deserve the assistance. (This is one of the times you need to take care of your grades. See  GC KA BA?  for a related article.) I believe the geniuses won’t find this difficult. Lucky are those who are able to get some sponsorship with just a passing mark. The question now is what if the aspirant is just an average student or does not have grades that are high enough? If he does not know anyone even if he exhaust all his effort to find one? Will he just sulk in the room and cry?

With the added dilemmas of long-term return of investments, better paying opportunities abroad, personal problems,complex lifestyle and financial burden associated with med school and the real world of medicine, a college graduate who wants to be a doctor will most likely not be able to pursue his or her life dream.But because of this opportunity, there will now be a big hope.A big hope for the country’s future as well.


(I remember the time I was searching for medical schools that cost less than the others. I remember myself walking along Taft avenue from Vito cruz up to central station just to look for a school who would allow me to take a subject just to complete the units required for the school I am applying for. I remember how I went to different schools in valenzuela, fairview, in UN ave, Sta.mesa and intramuros just to know the qualifications for scholarship, submit the admission requirements, and attend my  interviews. I remember how I went after work just to take the qualifying exams.)

news source: http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2017/06/16/CHED-free-tuition-medical-students.html


“It” is not just about being smart at all

still true:))


14285232_10206870481628511_49427618_ogfdgdgMost of the time, we get to hear that those who are above intelligence will make it above anyone else. Bam! Blame it on society who only recognizes people with soaring high grades since preschool. But mind you, that is a different story, but there’s nothing wrong with that. When you were young, you’re whole life revolved only in school.

If there’s nothing wrong with that,then why still make fuss about it? The issue here is that if we have fixed the thought down to the deepest sulci of  our brains, it is them and only them who can make it in life. Seeing them from the viewpoint of the audience during graduation and recognition rites tend to make us feel small. Then we get sad and we resort to “matalino ka naman, kaya mo yan” attitude and “matalino ka, ikaw pa. Eh ako?” of some sort to glorify these kind of people. After that, we crawl back…

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