Nacpan beach, El Nido


Thinking of other ways of enjoying El Nido aside from its famous island hopping tours?Why not try this beautiful long beach in Nacpan as part of inland tour?

Some people find island hopping very tiring because they had no choice but to go in and out of the boat. Some people also prefer to relax without the hassle of transferring from islands to island just to swim. So here is a good place to chill and just feel the sandy vibe of El Nido. And OMG!This, so far, is now my favorite beach…( I may have probably not been to all beaches in the Philippines and in the world but please don’t judge or hate me if we don’t have the same thoughts.)I am really happy I have chosen to include this.  (There are still other places to go visit like falls, las cabanas beach,etc, but we just chose to spend our day 3 here in Nacpan)

Day 3

7:00am wake up

7:30 breakfast

8:00 Off to Nacpan beach

9:00am Nacpan

11:00am Lunch

2:00 depart to town proper

3:00 Back to accommodation

4:00 checked out

4:30 Van to Puerto Princesa


Perfect weather!It is not too sunny or rainy:)

Going there:

We rented a van.We were just 4 inside and we have the control of our time. That is included in our 5,500 package. Our driver, tay gabs is so nice. It was an hour ride from the town proper. You can ride a trike as well as rent a motorbike if you want to go in this place. The road for the first 40minutes was just fine. But as you approach to the last 20minutes of the road trip, you will notice that the ride is bumpy. And I couldn’t help but pity the wheels, the whole car or van that will be enduring the trip. There is a possibility that you get stuck on the mud, “mabalahaw” for a better term. It was very frustrating to know that El nido is one of the centers of tourism but they are not developing its road.

Approaching the beach, there are small cottages, transient houses where people can stay.



I just like how banayad(calm) it seems. The water is so blue and relaxing. The waves are not that strong  that time so I can stay in the shore. The sand is fine with its long stretch of beach(though not as powdery just like in bora). The beach is not that deep. We have seen some small orange jellyfishes, but we think those are benign because nothing happened when it had come in contact with us.We were not able to see the twin beach though.(There had been some ownership issues that hinders everyone to see it now)I hope It would be fixed soon.










It was not that developed(and that is what I like in the place)there is not much cottage that hinders the view. Weather was just fine. It is not that strikingly hot.We just stayed in a nearby eatery or carinderia. If you eat there, you can stay there as if it is your cottage. So it is already okay.







Our driver, Tatay gabs or “tay gabs ”is very kind. He told us a lot of stories on our way there. He also took our group photos. Actually, we can also go to Las Cabanas again to see the sunset. However, after lunch, We decided we had to leave El nido earlier if we want to go to  Baker’s hill in Puerto princesa the next morning. He even coordinated to our next van because He was such a lolo to us.He even drove us to bakery in the town for snacks.He told me that there are only few doctors in el nido. He asked if I might want to be assigned there. Are yo just asking me?or requesting me tatay?haha. But we will see that in the future.


Anyway,our whole experience in nacpan was really nice, I am glad I pushed the plan to include this on our itinerary.Did you like it too?



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