Honda bay tour

Yep yep yep, going for some island hopping?Why not try honda bay?…Why is it called honda bay, by the way? I have recently found out that it is called as such because of its Spanish translation for Bahía Honda,which means “deep bay”.

Our plan was to spend 2 days in Puerto Princesa and 4 days in El Nido. I was so happy we were able to visit the places we wanted to see including this island hopping . At first, we were considering underground river instead of this.Since we are Manila kids who are thirsty for some beachy and sunny adventures, we decided a few days before to go for the Honda bay adventure.Here is the matrix of our plan.

UntitledWe want our Puerto as DIY as possible so that is what we did on Day 1. (Click here to see our previous palawan adventures: Iwahig firefly watchingMitra’s ranch & Baker’s hillPuerto Princesa DIY City tour)

However in Day 2, we just availed Honda bay tour out of convenience.

At least we no longer have to worry the transpo to the port,etc. There are many travel agencies in Puerto and El Nido. Imagine, even tricycle drivers have a contact so I think it is also possible that you can avail different tours even if you did not book beforehand. As to the price, I am not sure if it would cost higher but I don’t want to be in caught off in a hassle so I have searched and contacted different agencies and people before the dates of the tour. In the end, I still chose Mr. Michael Yao’s offer for hondabay, which costs 1100php including the environmental fee(150php.) That also includes the van transfers, boat, buffet lunch and licensed tour guide. It is just Good for the value of money and convenience.

We no longer rented for aqua shoes because we already have brought it.  I think it would really save you some cash if you buy your own than rent(100-150php/pair).So much for tipidity!!:))) At least you have a pair to use on your future water adventures. (like us, we still used them in El Nido.) We also have bought a snorkeling mask, so we just rented one snorkeling gear(Rent is 150php)

7:00                        Breakfast

7:30-7:45am       Pick up time

8:00am                 Panz Mask Snorkeling shop

8:45am                  Port



1:00-2:30pm       THIRD STOP: COWRIE ISLAND

3:30pm                Wash up/End of tour




It was nice. There are  grilled “paluto” in the area. You can buy in a small talipapa and have them grilled.





There is a jumping/diving area



Dressing rooms

Here, we had our lunch.

Eat’s a date!!! ❤

Behind us is a bar. This is where we left our bags which were taken care of by the tour coor.Thanks so much, sir Arnold for looking over our bags.


This is also where we had most of our time.


We were also able to inflate this banana sofa.

End of tour

Thanks to Sir Arnold, our tour coordinator, and to kuya Ford our tour guide. He made sure that we were able to see the best parts of the islands during this trip. He really accompanied us during the snorkeling activities , he showed us where the fishes are and guide us personally.


I don’t know what technical problem of some sort happened but it was Too bad and frustrating that we lost most of the underwater pics and videos in our honda bay tour, iCryyyL!!! If only we can extend the number of hours per island, it could have been more satisfying though.haha.. Nevertheless, we enjoyed this trip. I forgot to ask to why it is called Honda bay.haha..Care to tell me any thoughts about it?:)


For that day, we no longer rented an accommodation. We checked out of Palawan village hotel, brought all of our luggage with us and left in the van. We just washed up in the port. It was good that the van dropped us in the airport, where we will be meeting our mom and my siblings so we can proceed to El Nido.


After hours of waiting, they have finally arrived, we hopped on a van on the way to El Nido. The day went well and everything is just turning out as planned. I am happy to have explored Puerto Princesa even by bits and pieces. Prolly next time, we will look out for more good places to visit.


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