Starbucks,35th flr Taipei101

Do you wish to see Taipei from the tallest building in Taiwan but  you do not feel like spending too much for the taipei 101 observatory tix ?Or let us say you have run out of budget and you would rather spend the extra cash for some food tripping and shopping?


Well, here is the story of how we were able to see Taipei from the bird’s eye view.And No, we did not spend 700 + or 800+ just for that. It may not be that high as the 360 degrees Taipei observatory in 92nd and the 89th floor but I think it is enough for us. At least, my 200$ was just worth it because it is the minimum spending required per person when you reserve for a slot at Starbucks at the 35th floor.It is the highest Starbucks in the whole world (highest building).


So you need to reserve a day before your expected day of visit. At first, I thought my plan would not materialize because I thought it was going to be difficult plus couldn’t speak mandarin just to reserve . However, i asked help from our very kind receptionist in the hotel,Roach.  Even though we had a hard time communicating due to the language barrier, he was able to reserve us 4slots at 11am. BTW, He said this Starbucks is open from 10am to 8pm so be sure to call within their operating hours.



To avoid delays, they are instructing everyone to come at least 10minutes before the time. As for us, we entered from the mall since it is the one facing the exit of MRT.I was a bit anxious that we wouldn’t make it because we were not familiar with which way to go. Good thing people are helpful enough to lead us to the lobby.



 When we reached the lobby, we did not know where to go.So we asked the info,and they lead us here.This whole line is for those who have reservations.




At this very moment, i could say we coulfd finally relax because we just had to wait for someone to usher us all the way to 35th flr. Minutes after, a barista came and confirmed our reservation number. Make sure you take note of that. AS for us, the hotel receptionist gave us a printed copy of the details.


So we were able to ride this elevator, which i believe is one of the world’s fastest and has the speed of 60.6 kilometres (37.7 mi) per hour.


Many visitors flocked on the other elevator. So we just rode the other one.


This is the entrance. They are calling the queue number one by one.It was in chinese.


This starbucks is pretty small compared to other branches so that probably is the reason why they have to control the number of guests per visit.


Just like any other starbucks, they have the tumbler,mugs,coffee packs area.The starbucks “partners” were also very accomodating and friendly. They can speak english,as well, if communicating is your concern.


FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!!Before you look through the windows and be mesmerized by the city view or before you buy some stuff, make sure to save the seats in the areas you want. Almost everyone surely wants to see and enjoy the view so they would really hurry to take up the seats by the window. I was a little slow that time.


Look at those cutesyyy “welcome “drawing there!:D


Hello rap!

Panoramic view of the whole place


I told you I was a little slow that time so we were just able to get these seats.


BTW, there was no extra charge for reservation.However, a minimum amount of $200 must be ordered by every guest.




Loading some carbs for trekking later!:))We will hike elephant mountain which is just a station away from taipei 101.

You can see that the room is not that full. People may leave as soon as they want.


this is the Front view/facade of taipei 101


The printed details from our hotel receptionist. Thanks so much Roach(our hotel receptionist)Good thing we understand each other..!


Acc to one of the baristas, this is the side where you can almost see the elephant mountain as well as the maokong mountains

Before I forget to mention, Taipei 101 discourages wearing shorts and  flip flops, so we decided to wear pants and shoes that day.


As for now, I could say that I am already okay with this view. Though a part of me is just wondering what would this look like up above at 91st flr. Will I still be able to appreciate if they only look as miniature as ants?or will i enjoy it more?


in front of the elev!


36th floor


still at 36th floor. This is outside the Taipei 101 conference hall

In a nutshell:

With this experience, I could say that Three items in the bucketlist are checked out: Go to Taipei 101, ride one of the world’s fastest elev and drink coffee at the world’s highest Starbucks.   I was hesitant at first of the idea because I was thinking of going to the observatory to satisfy my curiosity. You know, 35th floor does not really have a “wow factor” compared to 89th and 91st floor,since it is the essence of Taipei 101. There are many buildings with a height of 35floors. However, my very pragmatic persona is kicking that idea out of me. Instead of spending more I would rather spend my money on other stuff. Imagine if a huge-sized family would avail the observatory tix, that would already cost a lot. I weighed the chances. I am just a budget traveler and I like it.I think it is more practical for me to choose this. Perhaps, I will just leave that for next time, if somebody sponsors me.haha.  Any thoughts you would like to share?:D


Well, i hope this will help you as well:)

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