TaiWander:Elephant Mountain(Xiangshan)& Taipei 101


When you feel like energetic and dressy at the same time,try this back to back gameplan.

Why did I say so? Because Taipei 101 is business tower so there is a more appropriate attire for that-maybe a smart casual attire or so. I heard they discourage wearing flip flops and shorts so might as well be safe.Do not wear those. On the other hand, elephant mountain is a hiking trail so it is very important that you wear comfortable clothes if not your workout clothes. The 2 activities seems to be of opposite activities but because these 2 are 1 station away from each other,I clustered them.


How to get here?

1.From ximen, take the blue line, alight at Taipei main station.

2.Switch to Tamsui-xinyi station(red line) and  Alight at Taipei 101/World Center.

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Nimen hao!!!:))

It is located in Xinyi district. It has its own station in Taipei Metro. You won’t get lost.Haha. The Exit where we passed through leads to the mall. We entered there and that is the time we got a bit lost. Good thing the attendant lead us which elevator to use when we get to the other side,the main building. We were rushing because we had reservations in starbucks 35th floor at 11am. But hey, that’s another separate blog..Click here


TAIPEI 101 is known before as Taipei World Financial Center. It has one of the world’s fastest elevator with a speed of 60km/hr. It has 101 floors, with the observatory deck at 89th and 92nd floor. (You have to pay for that experience though.It costs NT$600(?)You can also try klook for a hassle-free ticketing service.)Because I’m for TIPIDITY. We only tried sb at 35th.We got to try the elevator as well.haha . To see the panoramic view at their own site,click here.  (More tipid,eh?) (BTW,I repeatedly say, tipid.That means cheap or lower amount.)


We used the monopad for this.I didn’t think it is good enough..HAHAHHA..Sooooo,

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we crossed the street.


At this site…haha..(i know we could go somewhere farther,but we didn’t want to walk farther anymore)

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I almost kissed the ground when I took this photo.No I didn’t kiss the ground. I laid myself on the ground.(The other kids actually did my technique.LOL)can you imagine us doing some crunches just to take pics?


The gallery

We got to see Taipei 101 in amazing photographs from different angles and with various concepts.



Here are the winners…(Clappityy,Claps!!!)


This is the elev.


At 36th floor…(checking for a bit)





Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper and outdoor

No automatic alt text available.After the short peak at Taipei 101, we kicked our feet as we moved on to our another iti-The elephant mountain.(I was a bit worried because the sky is dark unlike the previous days.)

Elephant Mountain(Xiangshan)

This is where you can find the best view of Taipei!!haha!

How to get here:

From taipei 101, ride the red line up to Xiangshan station (last stn).You won’t get lost. Exit at the Zhongqiang park .

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You will pass through this. From the station, I could say that the start of the trail cannot be easily seen.So you have to follow the signage (Xiangshan trail),it will guide you well.

But as for us there was a road renovation so we had to take the other side of the road which has no signs. We just asked some people. They did not understand us so I just showed them the pictures of elephant mountain and they gestured where it is right away.

Landmark is Nola and golden global plaza.



From what I have read, there are many mosquitoes along the trail. But we didn’t experience those during the 1st part. Nonetheless, I made sure that we would end our trip without any bad experience so I brought insect repellent and applied those.( THANKS OFF LOTION.LOL. )

It was a developed trail. There are rest areas. Just a tip, bring your water bottle with you and, of course, wear something comfortable. Some thought of leaving them and ended up being so thirsty along the way.

Here is the map.Elephant mountain is actually one of the 4 beasts.The Four Beast Mountains are made up of four mountains that are said to resemble an Elephant, Tiger, Leopard and Lion.Given more time, I would really want to hike all.Hahahaha.But this is enough for now.


So we stop here on these famous 6 boulders. Many wants to have a pic there so ,it’s like, you really have to fall in line or wait for your turn:))Thing is there are also other tourists who were wearing casual wears.So long as it is comfy,then it is fine.IMG_0845IMG_0885



To motivate them to hike all the way up here,in casual wear, in the heat of the sun,with few hours of sleep,is the REAL ACHIEVEMENT !!!Thanks for the cooperation!


Panoramic view


The observatory deck, you can see this when you hike a little more. The view here is nice:)))You can see Taipei 101 and nanshan plaza, the two tallest skyscraper that you can see.

In between

Before I went back to the MRT station, I paid a visit to this temple near the start of the trail.




Thank God,it did not rain. It only rained right after we arrived at our Accom at ximending…


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