TaiWander:Shifen(Waterfalls And Old street/Lantern Flying)


You have probably seen some pictures of other people flying lanterns in an old street or striking a pose beside a beautiful waterfalls. When I learned that I would be having a chance to go to taiwan for our summer vacation, I enthusiastically include this in my itinerary may it be DIY or a packaged tour. I spent nights on researching for iti, the easier ways of transpo. I like doing DIY because it adds a little spice to my adventure because you manage your own time and you learn how to go to places.

However, Days before the trip, my family decided to just avail the package in klook for convenience. This area is actually in the northern coast in New Taipei City,which is bordered by Keelung (NE), Yilan County (SE), Taoyuan to the southwest and the north, northwest and east are facing the Pacific Ocean. Just when I was about to book the tour for the 4 of us, the tour appeared to be sold out on our expected days of visit. I tried looking for other package tours but as it turned out the tours were very costly.Plus, they do not include the entrance tix to attractions.(Yehliu entrance is NT$80.)So on top of the package tour,allocate your budget for the food,the lantern,souvenir and entrance fee in yehliu.So, i think what we have done is wiser for our case.

Being a budgetarian, I do not like spending too much money if you can get it in a lower cost. So what I did was, we brave enough to do the DIY. (It was semi-DIY because we hired a taxi to maximize our time. Transpo via buses have timetables.Make sure to take note of it.)I just asked some people i know who had previously been there. You know, i am not that afraid of going to various places as long as I can ask for directions.. My only worry was I do not speak Chinese,but I could say that even though there is the language barrier go there is entirely manageable.

And here it is,we were able to come up with an interesting and exciting trip.If you are interested to go here, you might want to check this out:

How to go there there:

1.Take Mrt to Taipei Main station.(Main station connects to different lines, such as TRA,THSR,Taoyuan Airport MRT)Do not be surprised.You really have to go out of MRT to switch trains.

2.Buy a ticket and take a train to Reifung station.(40mins travel time.Note the timeslot)Ours was 9:54. (We only added NT$100 on our easy card.)reifung is in the middle of Shifen and jiufen, but the latter is nearer. view the


3.You can ride a train going to shifen. Take the pingxi line and alight at Shifen station.There are also buses which you can take.



As for us, we rode a taxi. Outside the train stations is a taxi terminal. Since we also wanted to visit YehLiu Geopark and Jiufen(separate blog), we just negotiated the taxi driver to customize our trip. It was a bit challenging at first because they know only few English. Our whole trip covers:Yehliu,shifen waterfalls and jiufen. It costs us NT$2800. (Sounds okay for me, lower than the price if we had availed package tours.It is also more time-efficient and convenient.)


This is our whole day itinerary:


7am wake up

8am breakfast

9:15am MRT to taipei main station

9:54am TRA to Reifung stn(9:54am 40mins)

11:00 eta reifung

11:30am-1pm etd yehliu geopark(40mins)

2:30-3:30pm Shifen waterfalls

3:30-4:30pm Shifen old street/flying lantern

5pm-7pm Jiufen

7:25pm ETD Reifung stn to taipei Main Station

11pm Ximending


This is also known as the mini version of Niagara falls in taiwan. In my opinion, it is really a mini version so do not over expect about it. The falls has a calming effect when we visited it. I am not sure how would it look like should there be any heavy rain probably it would really look different.But thank God, the weather is just so perfect when we saw it.

Before reaching the main attraction, you will be passing through this area. There are plenty of food stalls. We bought this lantern-shaped ice cream.

You might want to try this lantern-shaped po

After passing through this, you will go down and walk a bit until you reach the area of Jingan suspension bridge which is parallel with a train. Below this is the keelung river.

Image may contain: plant, tree, bridge, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: bridge, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature


This suspension was originally used to transport coal. Today, it is used as pedestrian bridge and it has become one of the tourist attractions in shifen.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, bridge, plant, shoes and outdoor


FOOD TRIPPP ALERRTTTTT!!!WOO!!One of the things I love in Tawan!!


Image may contain: outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: tree, outdoor, nature and water


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, child, plant, bridge and outdoor


If you are totally doing the DIY, you can walk from the location of the waterfalls up to the old street for 15-20mins depending on your speed.

The area looks like this.


I Took this photo from the end of this spot.


As you approach the area, you will already see some flying lanterns.



Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, people walking and outdoor


So after taking some pics, we no longer wasted our time and started writing out wishes in the lantern.We took the multicolor. (Each color has its own symbolism. The lantern with one color costs NT$150 and the multicolor is NT$200)


I like the booth where we bought our lantern.Their booth was located in front of the entrance.


The man assisting us was so funny and he knew how to direct the guests according to the wishes written on the lantern. I’ve noticed others are not like him. He made the experience more memorable.





Image may contain: 3 people

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor

There are plenty of foodstalls everywhere.However, we concentrated with lantern flying and reserved our stomach storage for Jiufen Old street. At the end of our tour there, I bought a small lantern souvenir.


What a wonderful experience for everyone.After this, we headed to Jiufen, which is one of my most awaited part.



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