TaiWander: Yehliu Geopark


“We will rock you” is an understatement here. Well, this is the Yehliu geopark, which is a peninsula that runs about 1.7km. At first, I did not thought that the place was huge since I am just seeing the rock formations in pictures. I did not realize that I will be appreciating these pieces of oddly-looking but beautifully and naturally designed rocks even though it was hot..  (Read more about the rocks here.)

How to go there there:

1.Take Mrt to Taipei Main station.(Main station connects to different lines, such as TRA,THSR,Taoyuan Airport MRT).Do not be surprised.You really have to go out of MRT to switch trains.(I’m telling this to you because I was surprised that we had to go out. I thought we just needed to switch lines.LOLLL)

2.Buy a ticket and take a train to Reifung station.(40mins travel time.Note the timetableOurs was 9:54. (We only added NT$100 on our easy card.)reifung is in the middle of Shifen and jiufen, but the latter is nearer. Afraid that we might hop in to a wrong train, we asked some people to confirm it first.


3.You can ride a train going to shifen. Take the pingxi line and alight at Shifen station.There are also buses which you can take.



As for us, we rode a taxi. Outside the train stations is a taxi terminal. Since we also wanted to visit YehLiu Geopark,Shifen and Jiufen(separate blog), we just negotiated the taxi driver to customize our trip. It was a bit challenging at first because they know only few English. Our whole trip covers:Yehliu,shifen waterfalls and jiufen. It costs us NT$2800. (Sounds okay for me, lower than the price if we had availed package tours.It is also more time-efficient and convenient.At least we can save the extra money for food and lantern which are still excluded in the tour package)


Good thing, Mr Bingo Chen can speak a little english so he was the one we negotiated with. Other drivers didn’t talk to us.

This is our whole day itinerary: DAY 2

7am wake up

8am breakfast

9:15am MRT to taipei main station

9:54am TRA to Reifung stn(9:54am 40mins)

11:00 eta reifung

11:30am-1pm etd yehliu geopark(1 and 30mins)

2:30-3:30pm Shifen waterfalls(1hr)

3:30-4:30pm Shifen old street/flying lantern(1hr)

5pm-7pm Jiufen(2hrs)

7:25pm ETD Reifung stn to taipei Main Station

11pm Ximending



You will pass through this as you approach the area.
IMG_1110 The entrance IMG_1256

DSC_5483 DSC_5462

No automatic alt text available.

The first part was shaded by trees.
IMG_0038 Then, there will be a clearing.You will see this. DSC_5511

Image may contain: cloud, ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

IMG_1274 BTW ,here is the map as well as the attractions you have to look at in order for you to find the unique rocks. IMG_9903

AS you roam around,There will be times that you would think that the huge rock beside you is just ordinary but No.Later on, you would realize that it has a particular name.
IMG_9902 IMG_9904

Take note of signs like these. They are there to guide you.

It is actually a huge park.If you have a limited time, you have to–let us say,strategize or quickly plan which way you go first for you to see everything. Expect that there will be many people wanting to take their own pictures so again strategize. If you don’t want photobombers on your shot go to a less crowded area first. If you do not have a choice then you cannot do anything about it.You can’t tell them to leave.Haha. Just enjoy the scenery.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, ocean, cloud, mountain, outdoor, nature and water


During our visit, it was kinda hot and windy at the same time. We cannot use umbrella or our hats(unless it has a tie on it) because the wind will blow it away. SO wear sunscreen or sunblock as you will be exposed to the sun.(If it is sunny,of course.) You might as well tie your hair or clip it in place. I remember myself brushing my hair out of my face and it was sort of a hassle.

IMG_9955 IMG_1250



Honeycomb rock

IMG_0542 IMG_0541



Mushroom rocks.They actually look like truffes to me.


This is the cute princess.Is she really cute?:D

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature


The Iconic Queen’s head.You have to fall in line in order for you to take a pic with it.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

IMG_0013 IMG_0016



Image may contain: one or more people, basketball court and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, shoes, child and outdoor

A park is not complete without their souvenir shop. IMG_0041

IMG_0044 Yehliu Aquapark is just near the area. It is not included in my iti so we did not go there anymore DSC_5686

So we were given 1hr and 30mins to stay and roam around at this place. Even if we are in control of our time, it is a must that we adhere to the suggested time. This is to ensure that we could complete the list in our itinerary. We were a bit late buy 10minutes though because we had to go to the restroom to freshen up. After this is Shifen waterfalls and the old street. I’ll finally see you guys!yehey!

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