We tried this on my mom’s birthday.However,We still had to wait for the long queue. Since i am hearing that the food they serve is worth the wait ,we waited for it.


My dad also wants to taste it so this is what we had for his birthday dinner. You must allot some time  for the table reservation so do not allow yourself to be that hungry when you go there (or else you will end up eating in other resto)


Surviving med as freshie


First year med student no more!!!ALL PRAISES TO GOD!

So that concludes my 1st year in med. We are finally done with the waiting game of knowing whether we passed,had to take pre removals or failed. Thank God I passed all of them.

While I still have my hangover for the freshman madness and I have my time,Here are the TOP THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU ENTER MEDSCHOOL.

As much as I wanted to share my experiences and school issues as immediate as possible, i could not because i don’t have much time.This is for our doctor aspirants there, and for those who are contemplating and undecided yet.(Hoping it would help you though.)

1.Love entails sacrifice

So you are here because you want to be a doctor,or someone wants you to be a doctor.The thing is you are lucky enough to be given a chance to be one (bec the tuition fee is gold), so you have to love it by all means!And yes,There are many things you needed to sacrifice for the sake of that “love”.

Good thing I am kinda aware of that. I had to focus. Of course, i had to,without any doubt. I had two years out of school.I worked so I had to accustom my self for the whole new experience. Sacrifice your non-medical related passions. Sacrifice cravings for catching up with friends or a movie/series. Sacrifice the social life and your family quality time. Sacrifice your love for travelling or gaming.Scarifice your regular workouts. But you know,Test the water first.If you can balance,why not?Your level of sacrifice also depends on your goal. If you just want to pass,you can still do those things and juggle it. But if you want not to be nervous at the end of the semester,better aim for a safer grade and prioritize.

(If you are Einsteinette,ignore these sacrifices! Ignore this whole post,i guess.haha!you will figure it out anyway.)
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Medstudent?Ok,Basahin mo to pag tinatamad ka!

Hindi mo masasabing mahirap ang mahirap unless you experienced it yourself. There will always be difficulty.  Other wise, it will just have the same level of difficulty as the others dahil expected na mahirap sya.Pero,gets kita!


Mahirap sya in ways you cannot imagine dahil kalaban mo ang sarili mo.Unang una ay katamaran at procrastination at pangalawa,tao ka lang at may kahinaan.Feeling mo bopols ka na walang laman ang utak, feeling mo walang pumapasok,feeling mo nayurakan na yung pagkatao mo,napanghinaan ka na ng loob.You can never feel ready on your exams but there is no reason for stop.You only have to do your best.

Ang medicine mahirap sya in a way na kailangan specific but broad ang approach.During shiftings, You study bigger scope for just 10 questions per topic. tapos pag association pa,yari kapag uncertain ka sa isa. You study because questions may come anywhere. Questions raised by the professor. Questions raised by books.Questions kahit di naturo.  Questions raised by titas. Questions raised by kapitbahay or ate sa kalsada.kahit medstudent ka palang basta nakaputi ka,expected may explanation ka. (Don’t forget dapat to the level of understanding lang ang pag-eexplain naman diba?hahaha)

Ang pag-aaral is not just passing the shiftings or major exams. (Marami factors ang pagpasa jan,eh. Di lang talino.Swerte din.at Dasal.Sobrang dasal.hahaha) Kaya gets ko kung feel mo na di ka nanalo sa test mong yan.Masakit kasi nag-aral ka?Oo,masakit pero ganon talaga. Life is unfair.Anyway,kung di mo naman makuha ang tama ngayong yung aral mo naman Dapat extended sa boards exam.Sabi nga samin nung Nursing Licensure exam,”hayaan mo na mag-magkali ka ngayon para sa boards tama ka na!”.Haay!!Mag-aral ka na ngayon palang. Learn it by heart. Understand it in a such a way na naiimamapa mo na sa utak mo. And not only that, the real deal is that you have to remind yourself that you will be handling lives: Lives of brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers or a friend of somebody.You will be an instrument of God’s healing hands. Sarap sa pakiramdam diba?
Pero sa ngayon aral ka muna!Aral aral.Di ba calling mo yan?kakayanin mo yan.

Mahirap na nagkamali kasi buhay yan.negligence  yan.litigation hassle pa ,gastos time and abogado.at may mga taong sadyang fault finder kaya dapat tama ang gnagwa mo.

Dapat alam mo,or better yet dapat mas alam mo yan than any other member of health care team. Kasi nga doctor ka,you  must know better. Dapat talaga alam mo. Yes, may specialization ka. Pero sa ngayon,ganyan talaga muna. You need a strong foundation. Train yourself. Kahit di ka magaling, pretend to be. I read one research saying that self-illusion really improves self esteem thus producing better outcomes. Bola -bolahin mo lang sarili mo. (Gustong-gusto mo nga yan eh).

Tell yourself:

Kaya mo yan. Tinatamad ka lang!

Tapusin mo na yan,para mamaya pwede ka na tamarin!

Kapag natapos mo yan,may prize ka.Tulog,dota,kain,FB,movie,date,workout!!!!

Do not be hard on yourself.

In the event na mataas naman nakuha mo, pssst.Pasintabi naman.maging sensitive sa iba.Choose where you will express your happiness dahil baka kung ikaw walang masidlan ng saya eh wala namang masidlan ng lungkot ng iba.



Eto na,patapos na!If you lose the will to do something, Just think you don’t have an option and you will find yourself doing it anyway!”

May getaway ang barkada?bonding ka muna sa groupmates mo sa report baka bukas mahkontrahan kayo.

May date ka?Makipagdate kanila guyton at junquiera.Isama mo na si snell.Edi,madami ka pa kadate!

Antok ka?matulog ka rin baka naman sa exam ka matulog!!!zzzzzZZ

Walang sukuan,mga par!


Kamusta na,doktora?

(This is the first time that I will be celebrating the holiday season as a legit doctor aspirant. I say legit doctor aspirant because I am a 1st year medicine student. And getting this education was no piece of cake to me and I stopped being just an aspirant.BUT YES,THANK GOD! )


I was asked, “Kamusta na doktora?”(How are you?). All I can say is โ€œgoodโ€ to cut the long story short. Though,hearing “doktora” is really pleasant to my ears:).

Days before the start of vacation,kanaโ€™t kaliwa na ang Christmas parties and get-together,not to mention na kanaโ€™t kaliwa narin ang 1st shiftings. Haha. How about excited na ang utak mo na nauna pa magbakasyon? Plus, since we have daily unit test and the major exams for the coming week, we have to dedicate some time to at least view our lessons during the break. Haha. Yes, Dapat talaga kasama na sya sa pang-araw araw parang paghinga mo lang eh. Dapat kasama na sa sistema. Hindi yung parang syang toxin na gusto mong diarrhea or Parang pagkain na kapag busog or fully loaded ka naย pwede mo na isuka.

Oonga pala,magmamanual pa.Draw here and there.Feeling artist ka pa during christmas break. Astig din kasi nahasa pa drawing skills mo. Kung pwede na ring isama sa wishlist sa exchanges gift ang services ng pagdraw ng manual mo,okay din sana no?

Nevertheless, we should still enjoy the studying process per se and to feel life. Do not die while living your dream. Yes i know, you will see yourself studying this day during the holiday break before new year pero need mo din kasi maumpisahan para maenjoy mo ang New year at Christmas ng walang hawak na libro,trans o papel. Nakakaanxious din. \


Dapat maenjoy mo din ang Pasko at bagong taon kasama ang pamilya because next time mamimili ka na kung alin jan ang icecelebrate mo sa labas ng hospital kapag nagduty ka na; or worse, parehas yan absent ka sa noche buena o media noche dahil nakadeck kana.ย  This is also the first Christmas that I was not able to give gifts na never nangyayari because of the lack of time. (Yun,sad lang.HUhu)

Gone are the days I expect gifts under our Christmas tree.(Because this year and maybe for the next(?), we do not have it because I had no time and ako talaga ang nagpuput up nun,pero nakbawi sa other christmas decors) Again, gone are the days I expect gifts under our Christmas tree, I still think though that the education I have right now is my everyday Christmas gift. If only I could wish Santa to give me good grades, kahit yun na lang.haha


Btw,Do you know what the challenging thing is? It is not anymore an issue of spending the holiday season to rest or whatso but it is to make up for the time thatย  was lost during the school days like catching up with friends, doing errands for the family and looking for some greater cause in which you can offer your hand. You know to yourself that you need to help especially if you have family business or at least have a general cleaning of the house. So, time management and prioritization is really the key.(Alam na ng lahat yan.)



Yun lang for now.Ihahabol ko lang tong trans for 2015.