TaiWander 🇹🇼


Thinking of which country to go for on your next vacay? Let Taiwan be the one 🙂Image may contain: one or more people, sky, skyscraper and outdoor

Taiwan is one of our neighbor countries in Asia. It’s actually directly on top of the Philippines. I believe that you should include this on your bucketlist as well (haha, “bucketlist” seems to be an overused term nowadays), especially now that they’re going to be visa-free soon. It is very convenient to go here, even if you are a first-timer in travelling abroad.

If you have limited time, make sure you choose in advance the places you want to go. Try to squeeze in the attractions that are near from each other. Many tourist destinations are very accessible via MRT, and the stations are even conveniently named after them. You will really enjoy the different trips that Taiwan may offer – may it be nature trip, food trip or a shopping trip.  Its currency New Taiwan Dollar has almost the same but a little higher rate than Philippine peso, so it is relatively cheap compared to others (Especially if you usually convert Philippine peso before buying like me. Sorry but I can afford trips because I am a budgetarian. For this trip, however, my mom will treat me. LOL. Yehey!!!!! Thanks mom! haha).

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The Taoyuan Airport

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Welcome to Taiwan, Republic of China :))

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When we visited the country, It was already the rainy season. I prayed hard that it wouldn’t rain so we could push through with everything in our 3-day itinerary. I was with my mom, dad and bro. When I planned the itinerary several nights before, I had to consider my mom who was not used to walking a lot, and  my dad who might get “agit” if ever I’d suck big time in navigating. LOL!!! But seriously, that was the most challenging part (but you know, I was able to make them hike the elephant mountain trail! hahahaha..That is like a great achievement for me). They managed to move fast enough so we were able to maximize the time (Clap!Clap!).

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This was at around 2-3am. We just arrived in Ximending. I thought it was that busy of a place that it didn’t sleep anymore. haha



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These pictures that I posted were in Ximending, which is best known for its shopping and foodtrip spots in Taipei, and definitely a must-visit. This was where we stayed. It actually looked like a mini Times Square. (well, for this particular blogpost, I will focus on Ximending). BTW, it is a 40-hr drive from Taoyuan airport.

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Hahaha.. Of course, I didn’t call. Who else would I be talking to? Photo ops only! LOL


At night.


look at that! A performer…. I believe he tried to talk to me, but I turned away. I am not a snob.. too bad i could not understand what he was saying.

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It is located in Hanzhoung st in Ximending. We chose this because of its proximity from  MRT Ximen station exit 6. It’s easily seen because it is just beside Ximen Uniqlo and it has the same building as the Cinema.

We booked this standard quadruple room in Agoda and it cost us around 3000php  for 4 persons per night (10k for 3 nights). The staff, especially the hotel receptionist, were accommodating and very helpful. They changed the linens and provided new towels everyday. They also gave us bottles of water, free coffee and tea. The facilities were clean. We also had free breakfast from KFC. They will give you coupons in the AM and you can get it there directly. They also allowed us to leave our baggage on our last day. Overall, the experience there was good.

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With our very kind receptionist, Roach. He helped us book slots in Starbucks of Taipei 101,35th floor. The highest starbucks. (Read more. )


We no longer bought a sim card to use. I think it would be wiser if you just rented a 4G pocket wi-fi. You can rent it from the airport or from your hotel. As for us, we got the one from our hotel. Its rate is NT$150/day. That is what we use for our communication there. It can accommodate 5-8 gadgets. You can also avail from klook, that was our first option but we decided to get from the hotel 🙂 Their internet is fast there (just in case you are wondering).


It is fast and easy to roam around Taipei with their MRT. It operates from 6:00 to 24:00. You just need to get a map, learn to switch to different train lines, and know which exit you are going to. The lines are also color coded with English translation Labels. You won’t get lost. If you are lost, you can just ask the officer roaming around and they will guide you. If there is none nearby, you can ask a local about it. Prepare your feet for a lot of walking. As for us, we just rode the MRT. We got an easy card, which is very convenient, and loaded it with 300 for the first time. BTW, The minimum load is NT$100.

If you are going to take the bus, just know which particular route numbers to take. Sometimes, taking taxi cabs can be more convenient or wiser depending on how many people are you in your group and your situation.

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We are with dad. We couln’t be wrong. haha

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TRA in Reifung Station

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For “Aura” purposes only. No,we didn’t have any destination that requires us to ride HSR.


If there is one thing that you need to be concerned of when travelling elsewhere, it is verbal communication. You wouldn’t need to worry about getting lost as long as you know how to ask for directions. Before going to Taiwan, I was able to ask some of my friends who had been there before, and they said that Taiwanese people do not really speak English very well.

When I finally arrived in Taiwan, I was surprised to know that most really did not know how to use or had a hard time with the english language. Most of them spoke Chinese

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Most signboards are written in Chinese Characters. Good thing there are also English translations in some places. And only those who are in the tourism-related jobs knows how to speak english.

As a solution, I submitted myself into a “crash course” of Chinese Mandarin while I was there. I just searched for the basics online. And just so you know, it’s not as easy as it sounds, because Chinese is a tonal language. A different tone may mean differently. So even though I read it correctly, they still couldn’t understand some of the words that I said. I hope that they appreciated my effort for trying hard though! LOL! hahaha… If you can’t relay the message, show them pics of where you want to go. Downloading google translate and Chinese mandarin app are also helpful. You can let that speak for you.

But you know what, even if there was the language barrier, I could say that most of the people I asked were willing to help. They are friendly peeps who were so willing to assist us. After the trip, I found this very good channel on Youtube – Seemile . Ohhh, If only I had known this before. So, If you still have time, try to learn the basics.


There are plenty of street-foods to try. Make sure you allot money for this. Haha! You can also try Din tai fung, which is one of the famous restos out there and is known for their xiao long bao. We were not able to go there anymore though (sorry, I am not really a fan, so it was a little fine with me). As for shopping, you can go to Ximending. There are plenty of night markets in Taipei, such as Raohe and Shilin night market and



We changed our money while still in Taoyuan airport. Here’s our estimated expenditure.

Estimated expenditure: (some of it,I rounded off)

Lodging (quad standard room for 4) = Php10,500

International Travel Fee = Php1,620 x 4 = Php6,480

Air Fare RT = Php3,500 each x 4= Php14,000

Transpo (easy card) = NT$400/pax x 4 = NT$1,600 = (Php2,560)

Transport from airport taxi(RT) = NT$ 2,000 = (Php3,200)

Yehliu Entrance= NT$80 each x 4 = NT$320 = (Php512)

Wifi 4G = NT$150/day x 2days = NT$300 (Php 480)

Starbucks (minimum charge in taipei101) = NT$200 x 4 = NT$800 (Php 1,280)

Taxi(chartered travel:Yehliu,shifen,jiufen)=NT$2800=(Php 4480)

Pocket Money/Shop and Food(depends on you 🙂

Total: Php43,492 divided by 4 = Php10,873. More or less 10k per person for this trip:))(TAKE NOT,THIS AMOUNT INCLUDES AIRFARE.So it depends on how “Abangers” you are for seat sale tix.)

Without airfare: 43,492-14,000 (airfare)=PHP29,492 for 4person or PHP7,373/pax


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Familiarizing Taipei Metro Map

We spent more than half of our day in Ximending before we hit our itinerary. We waited for the temperature to cool down a bit so that it would not be so hot. Funny thing was that when the time came that it was not too hot anymore, I worried that it would start to rain. So we hurried to go to the Taipei Main Zoo station, where the Maokong gondola was. The operations of Maokong gondola was weather-dependent, so pray that it won’t rain or that it won’t be windy. I have to say that during our whole trip in Taiwan, we did not experience rainfall until the last day. Probably, Taiwan is sad that we were leaving.

Day 0

8pm Airport

11:15pm ETD Taiwan (1 hr & 45 min)

Day 1

1:00am ETA Taiwan

2:00pm Check in Ximending/Diary of taipei hostel

7:00am  wake up/Prep

8:00am  breakfast KFC(free coupons from accom)

10:00 Roam around ximending/Temple/Personal agenda

1:00pm Lunch at Ximending

3:00pm Visit Maokong Gondola

4:30pm Visit Maokong Station/Foodtrip

6:00pm Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

7:30pm Shilin Night Market

11pm Back to accomodation








To continue reading our Day 1 in taiwan, click here.

Other Experiences/Places in Ximending

Taipei Tianhou Temple/Ximending Mazu Temple

While walking along the streets of Wanhou, we noticed this temple. It may go unnoticed for the tourists because it’s between two shops. People may think that Ximending is all about shops and so, but they can actually visit this small but beautiful temple.

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Image may contain: plant, table, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: indoor

Since this is our nest in Taiwan,we still go out and walk at night after our day tour. (as in Super sinusulit ang place. Hahaha)


Being on the medical field, this digistamps or “trodat” booth caught my attention! hahaha. These are so cute :))

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Mango Shaved Ice

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Image may contain: food

with Taro Balls(NT$100)

Taiwan Castella

This tasted sooo good. At closing hours, they usually sold 2 pieces for the price of 1. So upon returning to Ximending, we went to other places first, only to know that it was already sold out when we returned. HUHUHU The Regret!!

Image may contain: 1 person, food and indoor


(Chinese name… so I forgot:( but it’s above this famous food stall)

We want to try Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle/ A Zong Mian Xian, well known for serving the best meesua in Taipei.  They had no seats so we chose to go to the restaurant upstairs. We were told that it was nice there as well.

Image result for ah zong mian xian

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Image may contain: 1 person, food


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Taipei City Hospital


I saw this sign here. Might help someone out there..Hahaha!!!

The streets are mainly used for pedestrians, so there is a designated parking area in the heart of Ximending–the Emei Parking lot. It’s in front of this hospital. So you know where to go just in case something happens.

Modern Toilet – We probably came very early so it was still closed when we passed by. My parents are not very cool with this though. Haha Rap and I would have loved to try.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Eslite bookstore/LAttea

This is near the Emei Parking lot. It was so refreshing to find this kind of bookstore here in the midst of all the RTW clothes, food stalls, etc.

I actually bought one book about human figures. It was written in chinese though. But hey, I’m for the illustrations. I should have bought the watercolor art book as well. Hahaha.. I think the prices are not that expensive if compared here. (What do you think?). There were also lots of cute stuff to be found.

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: food




Image may contain: indoor

Lattea is found inside eslite. we ordered the tea with cream cheese on top.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, drink and indoor

STARBUCKS – very cozy place to study. I wish we have this in Ph. Very spacious and there were lots of seats.Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person

This is in 711..haha..For Shinichi kudo’s and Ran’s fans, you might want to hang out here. Lol.


D M-Beef Noodles

(checking google:I think it is No. 97號, Section 1, Hangzhou South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100) It was recommended to us by a friend so we gave it a try.  It was just so perfect for the cold weather 🙂 BTW, it is said to be the home of one of the best Taiwanese beef noodles. haha It was delicious, even the appetizers are also good. (Last foodtrip in Taiwan, as I’ve told you it rained during our last day).

Image may contain: night, car and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, food and indoor

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: food and indoor

No automatic alt text available.

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Day2-  Northcoast tour: Yehliu Geopark, Shifen and Jiufen

Day 3- Taipei101/Starbucks 35th flr ,  Elephant mountain


For you to visualize the destinations, I included here the map for you to see

click here.


7am wake up

8am breakfast

9:15am MRT to taipei main station

9:54am TRA to Reifung stn(9:54am 40mins)

11:00 eta reifung

11:30am etd yehliu geopark(40mins)


2:30-3:30pm Shifen waterfalls

3:30-4:30pm Shifen old street/flying lantern


7:25pm ETD Reifung stn to taipei Main Streer

11pm Ximending



7:30 am wake up/prep for early checkout (checkout is 12nn)

8:00am-10am breakfast

11:00 Starbucks 35th floor/ taipei 101

1:30am Elephant mountain

3:20 end of hike / Shongshan temple

4:30 back to ximending/ Tidy up

6:00-8pm M Beef Noodle soup

8-10pm Eslite bookstore/Lattea

10:00 ETD to Taoyuan Airport

11pm ETA Taoyuan Airport

1:15 ETD to Manila

3:30 ETA in Manila

Comment below if you want a printable file.:)


TaiWander2:Maokong, CKS memorial hall, Shilin

Ni hao!!I still can’t get over about being a TaiWanderer so I would continue my blog here.LOL. By this time,you have probably read the 1st part of my Taiwander blog. Well if not it is just fine, you can go back here. We spent most of our day in Ximending but you can adjust your time depending on your own iti.


Day 1

1:00am ETA Taiwan

2:00pm Check in Ximending/Diary of taipei hostel

7:00am  wake up/Prep

8:00am  breakfast KFC/

10:00 Roam around ximending/Temple/Personal agenda

1:00pm Lunch at Ximending

3:00pm Visit Maokong gondola

4:30pm Visit  Maokong station/Foodtrip

6:00pm Chiang kai chek memorial hall

7:30pm Shilin night market

11pm Back to hostel


How to get here:

1.From ximending, ride blue line up to Zhongxiao Fuxing stn.

2. Swith to brown/Wenhu line.Alight at taipei zoo station. You can walk from there. You won’t be lost,you can see it from there.Believe me.

We just used the easy card here,it is very convenient.I think it costs us NT$120/pax. You can do round trips via but we decided to get one way only. Maokong Gondola is until 5. Pray that the weather will be fine so they can fully operate the cable cars.


We no longer included Taipei zoo in our iti.We just prioritize going to gondola because the weather is just fine for it. It depends on you if you want to do both because these two attractions are just near from each other. From the taipei zoo station, you can already see maokong Gondola station.


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

We no longer bought our tickets here since we are using our easy cards which we bought from Ximen station.Thank God there are no long queues.


There are few stations between Maokong station and Taipei Main zoo. We thought the travel time was just fast and the personnel will be asking us to go down in every station we were stopping. But as it turns out, they just said hello and we continued the ride. We were able to take pictures and enjoy the view at the same time.It takes about 30mins.


Take the crystal cabin with transparent floor for better experience. This will also test the courage of those who have fear of heights.Imagine how we manage to do some pictorials without photobomber in this small space.haha


Image may contain: plant, tree, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

The view was spectacular.You can see the city side as well as the mountainside.Very relaxing.BTW, the brochure says it is closed during mondays for maintenance.So it is open from Tues to Sundays,starting at 8:30 or 9.Max number of people in crystal cabin is 5, and standard is 8.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting

Image may contain: people standing, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

It is Taipei’s first high-altitude gondola.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

This how Maokong station looks like.Very nice view of the Maokong Mt.



Maokong,which means No cat,is known locally grown tea and its scenic spots.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor19884073_10209264863766568_5937733043009365859_n

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, tree and outdoor




There are different street foods.As for us we just tasted their match ice cream(The one that has an edible cat on it).I think  it is around NT$80. Once you are done with this place, you can return to the taipei zoo main station via taxi.They are easily seen. we are actually standing the taxi bay. The rate is standard and it costs $75/pax. And I didn’t know they could include a joiner there. I mean, we took the same ride with another tourist.


I felt a little dizzy when we went downhill because the taxi which we rode on smelled like cigarette fumes. This ride takes around 30mins. So, just in case you’ll be taking a cab, try to sniff in first if you can tolerate it. Haha!Of course,we would not want to spoil the rest of our iti just because we don’t feel good anymore.(Sad face!like huhuhubells)


How to get here:

1.From taipei zoo stn(brown line),alight at Daan stn.

2.Switch to red line until yo reach Chiang kai shek memorial hall station. Go to exit 5.

You can’t say you have visited Taiwan if you have not seen this historical landmark. This was built in memory of Chiang Kai Shek, a former president of Republic of China(ROC). (Just in case you are wondering, ROC is Taiwan; and People’s Republic of China is China)haha.I’d rather not say anything about their politics:))

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

looks like a hat:)

If you wish to know more, click here to view their site.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky and outdoor

We might not be able to witness the changing of guards because it is until 4;but, we saw the flag lowering ceremony which is usually done at 5:10pm”At least,may ganap”Haha


Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

This is surrounded by a park,  Liberty Square on its East. On its north and south are the National Theater and National Concert Hall.



Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sky and outdoor



Also,we saw the place lighted up.:)I usually have end-of-the-day anxiety but this brighten my mood:))weeee!!!Winner!Wuhoo.LOL!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Winner pic to.I like it.I almost kissed the ground while taking it.LOL!!haha


How to get here:

From Chiang Kai shek memorial hall, take the MRT at red line.Alight at Jiantan station(not shilin).You can see it across the street. If there is more time(you can prolly squeeze in some minutes to visit the National palace museum in Shilin stn before proceeding here.) I’ll reserve that for next taiwan adv(God willing:),So help me God!)


The facade.

You still need to walk before you get here. Don’t worry !When you alight at Jiantan station, you will see some food stalls and shops immediately across the street.You won’t get lost.Plus, You won’t get bored because of the amusing view of people eating street foods and the mere sight of the street food starts at that corner of the street.

There are so many things that attracts the eye-from food to souvenirs as well as mini amusing games.

This looks easy but no!hahaha


This is the road I am talking about.You have to walk through this before you reach Shilin Night Market. It is just near.



This is one of the sweetest fresh orange juice I have tasted so far. Certified thirst quencher. The girl vendor was so sweet and jolly. She also gave us lots of free taste. You can choose between sour and sweet.(NT$55 or 70(?)



Probably, we got really thirsty from the all day walking so we were enticed easily by these colorful,sweet and juicy fruits.This picture below is a pork strip/sheet. It somehow tastes like tapa for me(?),thinner and dried tapa:)Get the idea?Tell me if we have same thoughts once you tasted it.hahaha



Even in Manila, we like eating shaved ice so imagine our delight when we found this. (BTW,Have you tried the Baobing in Caution hot and snow creme in maginhawa? )Well, here we have found their relatives.We tried the mulberry and the one with pudding.



This is the Potato prince cheese. Imagine the long queues I had to endure for this.HAha I almost did not want to buy anymore but I was like, “No, I could not miss this!!”

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and food

Image may contain: 1 person, eating, sitting, food and indoor

Blowtorched steak-looks so appetizing but we did not eat this anymore.




This we have tried. NT$100 for scallops and NT$150 for the oyster.It is also blowtorched.It is cheesy.Haha

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Tired feet but with happy tummy:))

I heard the following are also must-try’s: Stinky tofu, squid-whatever-on-a-stick, sausage.Taiwanese meatballs (We feel full. LOL(How ironic. Prolly because of the great amount of fluid we took in)


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Day2-  Northcoast tour: Yehliu Geopark, Shifen and Jiufen

Day 3- Taipei101/Starbucks 35th flr ,  Elephant mountain


Comment below if you want the printable iti.


Starbucks,35th flr Taipei101

Do you wish to see Taipei from the tallest building in Taiwan but  you do not feel like spending too much for the taipei 101 observatory tix ?Or let us say you have run out of budget and you would rather spend the extra cash for some food tripping and shopping?


Well, here is the story of how we were able to see Taipei from the bird’s eye view.And No, we did not spend 700 + or 800+ just for that. It may not be that high as the 360 degrees Taipei observatory in 92nd and the 89th floor but I think it is enough for us. At least, my 200$ was just worth it because it is the minimum spending required per person when you reserve for a slot at Starbucks at the 35th floor.It is the highest Starbucks in the whole world (highest building).


So you need to reserve a day before your expected day of visit. At first, I thought my plan would not materialize because I thought it was going to be difficult plus couldn’t speak mandarin just to reserve . However, i asked help from our very kind receptionist in the hotel,Roach.  Even though we had a hard time communicating due to the language barrier, he was able to reserve us 4slots at 11am. BTW, He said this Starbucks is open from 10am to 8pm so be sure to call within their operating hours.



To avoid delays, they are instructing everyone to come at least 10minutes before the time. As for us, we entered from the mall since it is the one facing the exit of MRT.I was a bit anxious that we wouldn’t make it because we were not familiar with which way to go. Good thing people are helpful enough to lead us to the lobby.



 When we reached the lobby, we did not know where to go.So we asked the info,and they lead us here.This whole line is for those who have reservations.




At this very moment, i could say we coulfd finally relax because we just had to wait for someone to usher us all the way to 35th flr. Minutes after, a barista came and confirmed our reservation number. Make sure you take note of that. AS for us, the hotel receptionist gave us a printed copy of the details.


So we were able to ride this elevator, which i believe is one of the world’s fastest and has the speed of 60.6 kilometres (37.7 mi) per hour.


Many visitors flocked on the other elevator. So we just rode the other one.


This is the entrance. They are calling the queue number one by one.It was in chinese.


This starbucks is pretty small compared to other branches so that probably is the reason why they have to control the number of guests per visit.


Just like any other starbucks, they have the tumbler,mugs,coffee packs area.The starbucks “partners” were also very accomodating and friendly. They can speak english,as well, if communicating is your concern.


FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!!Before you look through the windows and be mesmerized by the city view or before you buy some stuff, make sure to save the seats in the areas you want. Almost everyone surely wants to see and enjoy the view so they would really hurry to take up the seats by the window. I was a little slow that time.


Look at those cutesyyy “welcome “drawing there!:D


Hello rap!

Panoramic view of the whole place


I told you I was a little slow that time so we were just able to get these seats.


BTW, there was no extra charge for reservation.However, a minimum amount of $200 must be ordered by every guest.




Loading some carbs for trekking later!:))We will hike elephant mountain which is just a station away from taipei 101.

You can see that the room is not that full. People may leave as soon as they want.


this is the Front view/facade of taipei 101


The printed details from our hotel receptionist. Thanks so much Roach(our hotel receptionist)Good thing we understand each other..!


Acc to one of the baristas, this is the side where you can almost see the elephant mountain as well as the maokong mountains

Before I forget to mention, Taipei 101 discourages wearing shorts and  flip flops, so we decided to wear pants and shoes that day.


As for now, I could say that I am already okay with this view. Though a part of me is just wondering what would this look like up above at 91st flr. Will I still be able to appreciate if they only look as miniature as ants?or will i enjoy it more?


in front of the elev!


36th floor


still at 36th floor. This is outside the Taipei 101 conference hall

In a nutshell:

With this experience, I could say that Three items in the bucketlist are checked out: Go to Taipei 101, ride one of the world’s fastest elev and drink coffee at the world’s highest Starbucks.   I was hesitant at first of the idea because I was thinking of going to the observatory to satisfy my curiosity. You know, 35th floor does not really have a “wow factor” compared to 89th and 91st floor,since it is the essence of Taipei 101. There are many buildings with a height of 35floors. However, my very pragmatic persona is kicking that idea out of me. Instead of spending more I would rather spend my money on other stuff. Imagine if a huge-sized family would avail the observatory tix, that would already cost a lot. I weighed the chances. I am just a budget traveler and I like it.I think it is more practical for me to choose this. Perhaps, I will just leave that for next time, if somebody sponsors me.haha.  Any thoughts you would like to share?:D


Well, i hope this will help you as well:)

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The Coffee Project

So I looked for another coffee shop with a good ambience for  the mother’s day after-dinner tambay and i came across with this.

The place is actually cool for me since i was not able to give her flowers that day ( i  came from my dorm )and the indoor garden-inspired set up had served double purpose.

I love how they decorated the place with all those flower hanging from the ceiling. Ambience was really set on mood.They have couch and long table providing a homey feel.

They also placed a photo area and some props for the queen of our homes.

Here are some more pics:

This is the staircase leading ing to their mezzanine/2nd floor.

BTW,here is what we have ordered:)

Vanilla mocha frappe,cafe latte and peach something cake(i forgot the name)

Here is a piece of cake. Would you like to try it as well?😄It is located in Wil tower along Eugenio Lopez dr.,Diliman Quezon city.It is open from 7am to 11pm.


Grand Duchess Cafe

Would you believe that we found this hangout place in SM san mateo? At first you wouldn’t notice it because you might think it is expensive but worry no more.This new cafe offers yummy but not so sweet doughnuts  and unli swirl Yoge(yogurt +gelato) will satisfy  your cravings  for dessert for a  reasonable price.  
  There are only 2 branches of this according  to the food server .One is here in sm san mateo and the other one is in santa mesa(if i am not mistaken)

the interior. you can see the ice cream machine on the left area.




they told me to swirl as much as i can.Can you believe that?it is only 65php.they have different flavors :matcha,salted caramel,original,hazelnut and cheesecake. There are 3sizes of cup:petit ,moyen and grande

So next time you drop by at this area,make sure you try this cafe.

(Sorry.i wqs not able to put the prices)



Was there a time that you both craved for a scoop of ice cream and a glassful of milk tea Or a smoothie ?? and you cannot decide which one to buy because you are worried that you are buying a lot and it cost so much? Well, worry no more.Here is Vanilla Milk tea+icecream to satisfy your sweet cravings. It is affordable and it is really delicious.

They only have 2branches.One in malabon and the one we tried here in Dahlia. It is in front of marian medical arts building.


cute and colorful counter


You have many choices here.My favorite is Blueberry,strawberry and passion fruit smoothie:)you can try one too



blueberry smoothie


strawberry smoothie




One of the bakeshops we really like is this one in maginhawa.Maybe you won’t be able to see it rightaway but they really offer wide variety of goodies and cakes that they made and baked.

You get to enjoy guiltless cravings because the baker, who is also the owner of the  bakeshop, controls the amount of sugar and ingredients for you to appreciate the real flavor and not just the sweetness. 


a must-taste ube cake (halaya) .This is by far the most delicious ube cake i’ve tasted.No exaggeration!:)

Additionaly, what we love here is that ms.doris is also involved in food-development researches to inculcate health-promotive techniques through our gastronomic experience. Since the shop is able to makes her own delicacies, your wallet won’t surely be chickening out since these products are affordable.

these are some of their products. Coffee beans,coco sugar candies ,vinegar

They also serve ricemeals, pasta and coffee and tea.